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The rare earth high tech Zone makes every effort to build a "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" demonstration base to promote the high-quality development of the regional economy

the white fan blades rotating gently under the breeze deduce the most distinctive energy myth on the Inner Mongolia Plateau. Tuoyouda, an enterprise that has reached the international advanced level in the field of new energy and intelligent manufacturing, has developed from the initial 60 square meter office area to a comprehensive supporting service platform integrating R & D, pilot test, office and living services under the careful incubation and cultivation of the rare earth high tech Zone Inner Mongolia liuchuang Park and the high-tech characteristic industrial base. The high-precision and cutting-edge scientific and technological products manufactured by this enterprise have made great achievements in key projects such as the Antarctic scientific research station, Zijinshan Observatory, the world horticultural exposition, Sinopec and so on. "At the beginning, we chose the high-tech zone as the place where the 'entrepreneurial dream' set sail, because we saw its unique rare earth resource advantages, the support for enterprises, and the refinement level of talent project services." Said Zhao Xin, chairman of tuoyouda

in recent years, the high tech Zone has actively responded to the national call for "mass entrepreneurship and innovation", actively promoted the supply side structural reform, gradually established a diversified, characteristic and professional innovation and entrepreneurship system, promoted the financing and development of large, medium and small enterprises, and provided important support for promoting the continuous transformation of new and old drivers. At present, the high-tech zone has been approved to build the first national innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration base in the autonomous region, and has been rated as 5 national level maker space pilot units and 9 autonomous region level maker space pilot units. The "innovation and entrepreneurship" work is at the forefront of the autonomous region, laying a solid foundation for building the "ZhongGuanCun" in Inner Mongolia and promoting the high-quality economic development of the region

gathering policy advantages makes the construction of mass entrepreneurship and innovation "ready to start a prairie fire"

innovation drives the tide surging, and those who are brave in the thousand sail race win

under the tide of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" in the high-tech zone, as a pioneer of "innovation driven", Tuo Youda under the leadership of Zhao Xin has long been unable to meet the existing achievements, actively expand business space, and make every effort to enter the domestic intelligent manufacturing field. At present, the servo motor jointly developed by tuoyouda and the Chinese Academy of Sciences has achieved large-scale production. The establishment of the new plant has continuously expanded our global complex plant network and developed rare earth smelting robots specifically for the rare earth smelting industry. Facing the future, Zhao Xin said, "we should compete with foreign enterprises in the field of servo motors and industrial robots, and become a leading enterprise in domestic intelligent manufacturing."

where does Tuo Youda's strong foundation come from—— Of course, it cannot be separated from the high-quality "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" environment in the high-tech zone

in order to speed up the process of business incubation, the high-tech zone innovatively uses the "entrepreneurial nursery + Incubator + accelerator + industrial base urea: analytical pure" four in one cluster incubation mode, "1528" high-tech industry incubation system, "scientific and technological research and development + industrial incubation + intermediary services" cluster clustering effect, so that the settled enterprises can grow rapidly in 140000 square meters of high-tech incubation space. As of 2017, the entrepreneurship center of the high tech Zone has incubated 1910 enterprises, graduated 324 enterprises, and owned 84 high-tech enterprises; Cultivate 4 enterprises listed on the "new third board" and 10 enterprises listed on the "New Fourth Board"; 22 enterprises have been included in the list of "little giant" enterprises of science and technology in the city; 53 enterprises were identified as pilot projects of municipal innovative enterprises; Three enterprises were rated as "specialized and special new" enterprises at the municipal level

in order to solve the financing problems of start-ups, the high tech Zone implemented the "transfer of funds to loans" and established three "guarantee fund pools" to provide credit of more than 100million yuan for enterprises. More than 20 Angel funds and venture capital institutions have been introduced to help entrepreneurial projects obtain investment of more than 30 million yuan. Introduce small and medium-sized enterprise financial supermarkets, and how to deal with the abnormal situations encountered in the use of electronic tensile testing machines with more than 30 small and medium-sized enterprises? The company has signed an investment and financing consulting agreement. Introduce the financial flowing water to the real economy, add 3 new "new third board" listed enterprises, and the number of listed and new third board listed enterprises has reached 14, accounting for 50% of Baotou city. It has helped 54 college students' entrepreneurial enterprises obtain 4.42 million yuan of government discount loans, and 11 college students' entrepreneurial enterprises obtain 350000 yuan of interest free loans from Baotou college students' entrepreneurial financial services Promotion Association

in order to attract more talents and projects to settle in the high-tech zone, the high-tech zone also actively held entrepreneurship lectures, investment and financing salons, project roadshows and other activities to create a "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" brand. Through this cooperation with ELG and adaso on the EQ1 project. The "overseas doctor Baotou trip" has been held for several consecutive times, gathering a large number of well-known domestic entrepreneurial mentors, enterprise elites and angel investors, screening a large number of innovative projects for implementation and transformation, and becoming a brand activity for talent recruitment and talent introduction in the autonomous region

under the guarantee of linked support policies, the "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" work of the high-tech zone, as a new engine driving economic transformation, is poised to start a prairie fire and install thousands of "small motors" for regional development

leveraging the incubation platform to leverage the "new fulcrum" of mass entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship

the improvement of the incubation chain is the cornerstone of enterprise growth and expansion

in order to promote the extensive deepening of mass entrepreneurship and innovation, the high tech Zone has built incubators, mass entrepreneurship spaces, entrepreneurship parks, entrepreneurship bases and other different types of innovation and entrepreneurship carriers. In view of the widespread problems of initial innovation and entrepreneurship, such as site constraints, limited funds, lack of experience and so on, we should focus on building a characteristic entrepreneurship street to realize the overall allocation and intensive use of resources. For youth and college students' innovation and entrepreneurship groups, build college students' Entrepreneurship demonstration bases, provide free office space and basic office facilities and equipment, and realize the "bag" entrepreneurship of young innovation and entrepreneurship. For pilot and small-scale production enterprises, build high-tech industrial bases, provide production sites for settled enterprises, reduce rents, and speed up the industrialization process of enterprises

up to now, the high tech Zone has set up 25 various entrepreneurship and innovation platforms, including 9 national platforms, 11 autonomous regional platforms and 5 municipal platforms. There are nearly a thousand incubated enterprises on the mass entrepreneurship and innovation platform, with an operating income of nearly 2billion yuan in 2017, driving nearly 30000 social jobs

at the same time, the high-tech zone continues to improve the innovation and entrepreneurship service system, extends the innovation and entrepreneurship incubation chain, and presents a "five level support" innovation and entrepreneurship service system

policy supply support has laid a good foundation for enterprise innovation and entrepreneurship. In recent years, the high tech Zone has successively issued policies such as the "Implementation Opinions on promoting mass entrepreneurship and innovation", formed more than 20 carriers such as entrepreneurial nurseries and incubators with rich and diverse characteristics, and has 63 enterprise R & D centers, engineering technology centers, and engineering research centers at all levels. The high tech Zone has also created "one hall and three stations" for government services to achieve a "15 minute distance circle". The number of administrative approval items at the district level has been reduced from 89 to 22, and the approval time limit has been reduced from 23 working days to 2.9 working days, simplifying the process and saving time for simplifying enterprise registration

the support of technology platform provides a source of power for the development and growth of enterprises. The high tech Zone has successively established professional technical service platforms such as cloud computing application platform and Baotou equipment manufacturing technology innovation service platform, which provide strong support and guarantee for electronic information (software), rare earth new materials, biomedicine, new energy, equipment manufacturing and other fields

the support of service platform is a powerful starting point to attract enterprises to innovate and start businesses. Introduce nearly 100 accounting firms, tax agent firms and other intermediary agencies to effectively help enterprises solve various problems through one-stop and all-round services. With the National Productivity Promotion Center of the high tech Zone as the carrier, we will build an "Internet +" innovation and entrepreneurship service base, build nine innovation platforms, and set up six functional areas to achieve "major services" of "resource optimized public services, training services, and entrepreneurship services"

entrepreneurial tutor support is a powerful guarantee to help enterprises incubate rapidly. 40 core members of the tutor team were selected to answer questions and solve doubts for entrepreneurs. The annual number of beneficiaries reached more than 300, and actively provided policy and project consultation for enterprises to apply for support funds at all levels. In 2017, five entrepreneurship mentors were rated as the first batch of excellent innovation and entrepreneurship mentors in the autonomous region

mode innovation support is a powerful engine to promote the high-quality development of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation". The high-tech zone innovates the development mode and implements the "bag check-in" of enterprises in the operation mechanism; In terms of service mechanism, establish a flexible introduction mechanism for high-end talents, implement the "baby holding" plan, and accelerate the transformation and industrialization of scientific research achievements. Establish a pilot test base to open up the last kilometer of scientific and technological achievements from pilot test to industrialization; In terms of management mechanism, enterprises should adhere to the principle of "having a place for success", establish a dynamic management mechanism for settled enterprises, and realize the survival of the fittest

standing on the trend of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation", the high-tech zone will build a carrier layout structure of "one core, multiple parks and multiple nodes" based on long-term and overall planning, build an innovation and entrepreneurship base of more than 1million square meters, and strive to reach 100 "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" carriers, cultivate 1200 high-tech enterprises and all kinds of scientific and technological enterprises, add 10 listed enterprises and 100 R & D institutions by 2020, It has attracted 12000 entrepreneurial talents of all kinds, gathered 200 intermediary institutions such as finance, science and technology, consulting and evaluation, and the total operating income of mass entrepreneurship and innovation carriers has reached 30billion yuan, moving towards the development goals of Baotou mass entrepreneurship and innovation core area, autonomous mass entrepreneurship and innovation leading area, and national mass entrepreneurship and innovation demonstration area

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