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Rare earth additives help polyurethane rubber resist high temperature

it was learned from Baotou Rare Earth Research Institute on December 28 that the course "Research on rare earth composite additives to improve the heat resistance of polyurethane rubber" jointly completed by Baotou Rare Earth Research Institute and Tsinghua University has made a major technological breakthrough, filling the gap of low-cost high-temperature and wear-resistant rubber at home and abroad, It lays a foundation for the application of rare earth products in polyurethane rubber and even the application and promotion of polymer materials

according to the introduction, the project mainly solves the problem of high temperature resistance of polyurethane materials widely used in industries such as tires, cots, tapes, linings, impellers, cast films, seals, etc. The research and test results show that when rare earth composites are added to polyurethane materials as additives, the heat resistance of the materials is significantly improved, and the heat resistance temperature is increased from 80 ℃ to 95 ℃. At the same time, the tensile strength is also greatly improved. The total investment of the materials is $44million, and the combined performance is effectively improved, while the production cost is significantly reduced

it is understood that polyurethane rubber has both high elasticity of rubber and rigidity of plastic. It is called "wear-resistant rubber" and is widely used in industrial production and national defense construction. However, the application of this material is limited due to its poor heat resistance. Domestic and foreign production enterprises and scientific research institutions have carried out a lot of research on improving the heat resistance of polyurethane rubber, but they have not achieved ideal results. In order to solve this problem, Baotou science and Technology Bureau and Tsinghua University have determined the research cooperation project of rare earth composite additives to improve the heat resistance of polyurethane rubber. Figure 2 shows three magnetic systems that generate gradient magnetic fields: the linear range of system a is narrow, which is jointly undertaken by Baotou Rare Earth Research Institute and the Department of chemical engineering of Tsinghua University

Baotou Rare Earth Research Institute has rich experience in the research of chemical synthesis process of rare earth materials. We have successfully mentioned 625 alloy research in a project, especially in the transformation of laboratory research results to industrialization. The Department of chemical engineering of Tsinghua University has complete analysis and detection means, strong scientific research team and years of achievements accumulation in the research of polyurethane rubber and synthetic polymer materials. Both partners not only synthesized rare earth composite additives in nitric acid system, forming an annual production capacity of 100000 tons, but also successfully determined the process conditions for preparing rare earth composite additives. The indexes of polyurethane rubber with composite additives were improved, especially the heat resistance was increased by 30%

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