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Rare earth has been silent for many years, and the price continues to soar. Can we use new energy vehicles to get on the wind again

on August 7, the data provided by Baichuan information, a Chinese bulk raw material information supplier, to the daily economy showed that rare earth prices have opened a fast rising channel, and the prices of merchants have risen rapidly. All merchants have been in a consistent bullish trend since there was a dispute about the price rise in the past. Some research reports also believe that "rare earth permanent magnets will become the third largest tuyere driven by new energy after lithium and cobalt"

it is noted that the impact of new energy vehicles on the demand and price of rare earth is "very limited", but this does not prevent the sharp rise of rare earth permanent magnet concept stocks in the past two months. The concept of rare earth that once stood at the tuyere of the capital market many years ago is 4. Sensor: the sensor is the main component of the accuracy and force invariance of the experimental machine. The types of electronic universal experimental machine sensors in the current market include S-type and spoke type. After many years of silence, can we return to the tuyere with the help of new energy vehicles

rare earth price rise concept stocks benefited

data provided by Baichuan information showed that northern rare earth raised the price of praseodymium and neodymium oxide to 420000 yuan/ton, up 90000 yuan/ton from 330000 yuan/ton in July, an increase of 27%. The metal praseodymium and neodymium was adjusted to 530000 yuan/ton, and the trend of praseodymium and neodymium rose steadily. The downstream gradually adjusted its business strategy, and the future price rise trend was obvious. The quotation of dysprosium oxide has risen rapidly, and the current quotation is 1.45 million-1.5 million yuan/ton

the rise in rare earth prices has also benefited the performance of relevant listed companies and led to a sharp rise in share prices. From the performance of the secondary market, rare earth permanent magnet concept stocks generally performed well, with 10 stocks rising by more than 37% in the past two months, of which Shenghe resources (600392, SH) soared by 90.24%, northern rare earth (600111, SH) and Xiamen tungsten (600549, SH) also rose by more than 70%, and aluminum (601600, SH) and Minmetals rare earth (000831, SZ) rose by more than 60%

why did rare earth prices continue to rise since the beginning of the year? Baichuan information analysis said that the sharp increase in the price increase was mainly due to the reduction of market supply and increase in demand, as well as the impact of the purchase and storage policy. The market activity increased rapidly and the amount of inquiries increased, so it was basically impossible to buy spot goods

Zhang Wei, precious metals analyst at zhuochuang information, said that there was overcapacity in the rare earth industry. The price of rare earth abroad was very low, and there had been more vicious competition in the domestic rare earth industry. Compared with the previous crackdown, the crackdown on black rare earth has become normalized. The measures taken include sending inspection teams to Hunan, Jiangxi, Shanxi and other provinces for investigation. Under the strict crackdown, the supply of black rare earths has declined, and rare earths have been controlled from the supply side by administrative means. 2 Output of poor jaw quality

talking about the future trend of rare earth prices, Zhang Wei believes that from the perspective of national collection and storage, the first two collections and storage efforts are small, so the next two collections and storage may be relatively large. Secondly, enterprises have used more indicators in the first half of the year, and the amount left for the second half of the year has become less. Therefore, the supply is still relatively tight, and the growth trend may continue in the second half of the year, but the increase will not be as crazy as in the first half of the year

the impact of new energy vehicles on rare earth prices is limited

in addition to changes in the supply side, the demand of rare earth downstream enterprises is also increasing. This is mainly reflected in the application of new energy and new energy vehicles

according to Zhang Wei, rare earth is widely used in motors, which usually need strong magnetic materials. The high magnetic intensity is conducive to the miniaturization and efficiency of motors. Rare earth will be used in high-speed rail and maglev trains

"rare earth permanent magnet will become the third largest outlet driven by new energy after lithium and cobalt." According to the Research Report of Anxin securities, the steady improvement in the demand for magnetic materials, the order pulling of new energy vehicle synchronous motor magnetic materials and other factors have pushed the rare earth permanent magnet to the upper hand. Adding a kind of organosiloxane to the polymer interlayer can improve the permeability of the material, but the moisture retention performance of the material is reduced due to the inherent hydrophobic characteristics of siloxane

according to the analysis of China Merchants Securities, permanent magnet synchronous motor is becoming the mainstream technology of new energy vehicle engine. It has also been proved that Tesla Model 3 uses permanent magnet synchronous motor to replace the three-phase asynchronous motor of the original model s. The magnet of permanent magnet motor is rare earth permanent magnet material. In addition, a fully automatic limousine consumes about 0.5kg-3.5kg of rare earth permanent magnet materials. With the development of new energy vehicles, rare earth permanent magnet materials have a broad potential market space

the analysis of several securities companies' research reports is not on paper. Many rare earth listed enterprises began to focus on new energy vehicles

when combing the announcements of listed rare earth enterprises, it was found that as early as August 30, 2016, North rare earth issued an announcement that it signed an agreement with Sichuan wankaifeng rare earth new energy technology Co., Ltd. to create a rare earth industry chain integrating the development, production and sales of rare earth products from upstream rare earth mining and separation, smelting and separation, deep processing of rare earth to downstream new energy through product self inspection, process mutual inspection, special quality inspection and other measures. On December 14th, 2016, Xiamen tungsten invested 100million yuan to establish Xiamen tungsten new energy materials Co., Ltd. to implement the development strategy of "expanding Xiamen tungsten through new energy materials"

many institutions and enterprises are optimistic about the rare earth field. Can new energy vehicles become the "engine" to drive the development of rare earth

Du shuaibing, rare earth analyst at Baichuan information, said that the development of new energy vehicles does indirectly affect the demand for rare earth, but it cannot be compared with the level of supply and demand and government regulation. Since the application of rare earth to new energy vehicles requires multiple rounds of transformation, the impact on the demand and price of rare earth is very limited. Whether it can become a factor driving the rise of rare earth prices in the future depends on the specific demand of new energy vehicles

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