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There is no suspense about the "top three" rare earth in the south

Chinalco has taken the lead in the integration of rare earths in the south. On July 19, Chinalco Guangxi Rare Earth Development Co., Ltd., jointly established by Chinalco, Guangxi Nonferrous Metals Group and Youyan rare earth new materials Co., Ltd., was inaugurated in Nanning, Guangxi

according to insiders, the strong signal of Guangxi rare earth integration plan is that central enterprises dominate the integration, and will also consider the interests of local state-owned enterprises and other relevant parties. In fact, the sphere of influence of several central enterprises on the integration of rare earth resources in the South has been basically divided. Minmetals will enter Jiangxi and China national color will enter Guangdong. So far, there is no suspense about the "top three" rare earth in the south

Chinalco first integrated

compared with Minmetals and China national color, Chinalco faced a relatively simpler situation, so it was the first to establish a joint venture. According to the relevant person of Guangxi nonferrous metals, the mining license of Guangxi rare earth was finally reduced to one, which was in the hands of Guangxi nonferrous metals. However, the company must rely on Chinalco to further develop downstream deep-processing products, so it ceded its controlling stake in the joint venture

Chinalco Guangxi Nonferrous Rare Earth Development Co., Ltd. was founded on the basis of the Guangxi rare earth development cooperation framework agreement signed by Chinalco, Guangxi Nonferrous Metals Group Co., Ltd. and Youyan rare earth new materials Co., Ltd. in Beijing on March 12, 2011. It is a state-owned wholly-owned enterprise integrating rare earth mineral resources exploration, smelting separation, deep processing, rare earth scientific research and trade

it is understood that as a key large state-owned enterprise with the right to operate rare metals and rare earth industries, the company aims to build "the most growing world-class mining company". The company will strive to invest 2billion yuan in three years, achieve sales revenue of 3.5 billion yuan and profit and tax of 800million yuan, and go public in about five years

data show that Guangxi is the only province in the country rich in rare earth that has not been developed and utilized on a large scale, and the proven reserves of rare earth metal oxides reach 1.1 million tons. The Guangxi Nonferrous personage said that Chinalco has rich experience in international cooperation and has more resources. In the future, Guangxi will introduce foreign enterprises under the bridge of Chinalco to engage in the production of downstream rare earth permanent magnet materials

the big play will be staged

although Chinalco takes the lead in the integration of rare earth due to the difficulty of the biological preparation technology of polyaminoic acids in the south, from the perspective of the impact on listed companies, the big play has not yet been staged, and investors still need to wait

a relevant person of Chinalco told the China Securities Journal that Chinalco (601600) is a listed company in three places and the aluminum platform of Chinalco. It is impossible to inject rare earth assets in the future. In fact, the joint venture plans to be listed separately in the future, which also shows that Chinalco is difficult to increase its rare earth business

Youtong 3. Change the rules of deformation and destruction. Business analysts put forward that the listed companies that are really expected to benefit from the integration of Southern rare earth in the future are China national color Corporation (000758) and Guangsheng nonferrous metals (600259). Because Minmetals integrates Jiangxi rare earth, it is also difficult to inject relevant assets into listed companies. China national color Corporation is the rare earth platform of China national color Corporation, and Guangsheng nonferrous metals is a subsidiary of Guangsheng Nonferrous Metals Corporation. Once China national color corporation or China national color Corporation and Guangsheng Nonferrous Metals Corporation cooperate, these two listed companies are expected to benefit from it. According to songzhichao, an analyst with business agency, Guangsheng Nonferrous Metals Group currently holds all rare earth mining licenses in Guangdong

previously, China national color Corporation and Yixing Xinwei Group signed the agreement on the investment of China national color rare earth group (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. on July 7, 2011. The two sides jointly invested in the registration and establishment of China national color rare earth group (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province. NFC contributed 510million yuan, with a shareholding ratio of 51%, and Sunway Group contributed 490million yuan, with a shareholding ratio of 49%. After the completion of the investment of 1billion yuan, nfre is expected to control the domestic rare earth separation capacity of 17000 tons/year

after that, many securities analysts released strong recommendations from research reports, but the company's share price was still flat. Some analysts said that NFC has made little progress in the integration of upstream resources, which is the most concerned content of the market. Only further integration can become the driving factor of the company's stock price

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