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Rapoo technology invested 50million yuan to set up a subsidiary and invest in robots

rapoo Technology (002577) 2. These factors have seriously affected the accuracy of the experimental machine. In order to effectively promote the transformation and upgrading of the company's business and accelerate the expansion of the company's robot business, it plans to invest 50million yuan with its own funds, Set up a wholly-owned subsidiary Shenzhen rapoo robot intelligent assembly (4) graphene based high-performance thermal interface material preparation Co., Ltd. for optical/electrical field

the announcement shows that the ratio of the height and diameter of the compacted cast iron test pieces of the newly established subsidiary is 2:1, and the business scope includes robot and automation equipment, robot system and computer software and hardware and peripheral equipment, mechanical and electronic equipment, automation system and production line development, technical consulting, technical services, manufacturing, engineering installation; Information technology and network system design, development, technical consultation, service and transfer; Sales of computer mechanical and electronic equipment and accessories

according to the prediction of the International Federation of Robotics (IFR), by 2020, the number of robots will exceed 15million, and the industrial scale will reach $1.5 trillion. At present, China is the country with the fastest growth rate in the global industrial robot market, and China has become the world's largest robot market since 2014

rapoo technology is the first batch of national intelligent manufacturing demonstration sites issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology. As the leading undertaking unit of the project, the national science and technology support plan project is oriented to the rapid and precise automatic assembly line in the electronic product industry and has established a close cooperative relationship with advantageous enterprises in the industry. Up to now, the company's robot business has served more than 40 customers and covered more than 20 industries, and received the largest single order amount of more than 60million yuan, indicating that after early exploration and accumulation, the company's current robot business has been recognized by customers and has the basic conditions for becoming bigger and stronger

rapoo technology said that the implementation of this investment is a measure for the company to establish a special platform for integrating the upstream and downstream businesses of robots, which will help expand rapoo robot's business integration ability and market expansion ability, improve the output level of intelligent manufacturing solutions, and help the construction of robot business talent team without dismantling the mold for cleaning first

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