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Northern rare earth will accelerate the integration of resources and promote the sustainable development of the industry

rare earth is an important strategic resource. The Bayan Obo mine in Baotou, Inner Mongolia is rich in light rare earth resources. Relying on the symbiosis of iron ore and rare earth ore, Inner Mongolia has formed a unique resource advantage of iron ore and rare earth ore, on which rare earth in the North has developed

on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the founding of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Zhang Zhong, Secretary of the Party committee and general manager of North rare earth, said in an exclusive interview with China Securities News that he would continue to make use of policy advantages and resource advantages, speed up resource integration with the help of the power of the capital market, and promote the sustainable development of China's rare earth industry

strengthen resource strategy

China Securities News: rare earth is the dominant characteristic industry in Inner Mongolia, and the company is the leading enterprise in Inner Mongolia. What role did the North rare earth play in the development of the autonomous region

Zhang Zhong: since the Baiyun OBO mine was discovered and mined, the people of Baotou Iron and Steel Corporation of all dynasties have worked hard to promote the continuous development and growth of Baotou Iron and Steel Corporation and its rare earth industry, the total economic volume of the enterprise has doubled, and the business performance and profitability have been significantly improved. It has solved a large number of regional employment problems, contributed high taxes, and promoted the rapid economic development of Baotou and its surrounding areas. At the same time, what about the integration and utilization of resources, technological innovation, environmental protection transformation and upgrading? This involves both national industrial policies and entrepreneurs' extensive domestic and foreign perspectives, accumulates rich successful experience, and drives the coordinated development of affiliated enterprises from both vertical and horizontal aspects. On this basis, Baotou Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. and Northern rare earth Co., Ltd. have become the industrial business cards of Inner Mongolia

China Securities News: in the past 20 years since the listing of northern rare earth, what assistance has the capital market provided in the development of the company

Zhang Zhong: Northern rare earth was successfully listed in 1997, becoming the first listed company in China's rare earth industry. The company has successfully built a capital market financing platform and embarked on the rapid development path of the integration of industry and capital market

in the past 20 years since its listing, the company has given full play to the financing function of the capital market. With the help of capital market financing tools such as initial public offering, allotment of shares, issuance of corporate bonds, the company has obtained financial support in production and operation, reform and innovation, capital operation, project construction, extension of the industrial chain, etc. The share capital of the company increased from 260million shares to 3.633 billion shares, an increase of 13 times; The market value increased from 2.07 billion yuan to nearly 70 billion yuan, an increase of 34 times. In recent years, the management level of the company has been continuously improved, the industrial scale has been significantly expanded, and the business performance has improved. The capital market has laid a solid foundation for the company to become stronger and bigger

China Securities News: what role will northern rare earth play in the industrial transformation and upgrading of Inner Mongolia

Zhang Zhong: the 13th Five Year Plan period is a critical period for the industrial transformation and upgrading of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The 13th five year plan of Inner Mongolia proposes to develop the new material industry. At present, it has clearly focused on the development of rare earth and downstream new materials industry, so that the water mist can be completely dispersed; Baotou city implements industrial transformation and upgrading, and actively builds a rare earth new material industry development cluster; Baotou Steel (Group) Co., Ltd. has increasingly used natural fibers in interior decoration, and the company has also implemented a strategic transformation focusing on rare earth. The adjustment of these policies has brought development opportunities for the rare earth industry of Baotou Steel, making the role of Baotou Steel (Group) Company and Northern rare earth in the development of Inner Mongolia autonomous region more and more important

as the largest rare earth product manufacturer in Inner Mongolia and even the world, northern rare earth will, in accordance with industrial policies, take the "13th five year plan" of the state and Inner Mongolia as an opportunity to strengthen resource strategy, strengthen resource management and control, and accelerate the reform and development of the whole industrial chain; Promote scientific research innovation, improve management level, and optimize environmental protection governance; Promote industry mergers and acquisitions and extend the industrial chain; Adjust the industrial structure, focus on the development of rare earth functional material industry, and strive to build northern rare earth into a "domestic strongest and world-class" rare earth enterprise

promote industry integration

China Securities News: the company's performance increased significantly in the first half of the year. What is the layout in terms of resources and industry integration

Zhang Zhong: the company's operating performance in the first half of 2017 increased significantly year-on-year. The company cooperates in all aspects of production, sales, scientific research, trade, management, etc., and seizes the favorable opportunity for the recovery of the industry

resources are the basis for the development of rare earth industry. During the "13th five year plan" period, the company will strengthen its resource strategy, further improve the control and allocation efficiency of rare earth resources, give full play to its resource advantages, policy advantages and brand advantages, and further enhance the integration of rare earth resources by means of restructuring, acquisition, holding and equity participation with the help of cross-linked polyethylene (PE-X) piping system for hot and cold water gb/t 18992.1-2003. We should consolidate the foundation for development, actively explore ways to go global, and promote the internationalization strategy

in recent years, with the strong support of the national and autonomous region governments, northern rare earth has integrated a number of upstream rare earth production enterprises in accordance with the principle of "government guidance and enterprise voluntary", and achieved phased results. During the "13th five year plan" period, North rare earth will continue to promote the joint restructuring of the industry. Taking the opportunity of controlling the total amount and adjusting the layout, it will combine the joint restructuring with the elimination of backwardness, product upgrading, industrial chain extension, and the combination of dredging and blocking, strive for national policy support, and further improve the industrial concentration of Inner Mongolia and surrounding areas; Actively explore cooperation with advantageous enterprises, improve the development quality and level of China's rare earth industry, and promote the sustainable development of the rare earth industry

in the first half of this year, the company completed the issuance of corporate bonds (phase I) of 2 billion yuan in 2017. The second issue of 1.6 billion yuan of corporate bonds has been launched. By issuing corporate bonds to raise funds for development, while optimizing the debt structure, it has injected sufficient cash flow into the company and provided financial guarantee for promoting industry mergers and acquisitions

according to the rare earth industry policy and its own development strategy, the company will give full play to its capital advantages and improve the efficiency of capital utilization, focusing on the integration of Gansu rare earth new materials Co., Ltd., the acquisition of Sihui Dabowen Industrial Co., Ltd., and the joint venture establishment of Inner Mongolia Zeyuan agricultural and animal husbandry insurance company

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