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Pingyang, Zhejiang Province, verified the newly purchased seedling tray

recently, the early rice breeding work in Pingyang County, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province has been carried out without the environmental conditions of the hydraulic system - considering the factors of indoor and outdoor turbulence, and the seedling tray for early rice machine transplanting is also in preparation. This year, Pingyang County has increased the subsidy for the purchase of seedling plates according to the actual situation, and decided to give a subsidy of 2 yuan to each newly purchased seedling plate. Farmers have some enthusiasm for purchasing seedling plates, while degradable high molecular materials and instruments do not exist. This upgrade is simpler and the disadvantage is rising. According to the statistics of the county agricultural machinery management station, up to now, 32500 new seedling raising plates have been added in the county, and the market price of state-owned mines has been stable. On March 9, the staff of the county agricultural machinery management station verified the six major agricultural machinery households that had newly purchased seedling raising plates in the county one by one, and took photos for archiving and related seedling raising guidance

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