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Pioneer Futures: LLDPE continued 8. Adjustment at the end of the experiment, patiently waiting for the opportunity to intervene

crude oil continued to finish at a high level. LME linear futures prices rose significantly, and the spot bid price rose to US dollars. The intraday warehouse receipt market price continued to fall, squeezing out the rising water in the early stage. With the ex factory price unchanged at 15500 yuan, traders lost money in the atmosphere of panic shipments and fear of petrochemical price adjustment, which continued to suppress the market. Panic selling caused oversold

in the future, high ex factory prices will continue to be the basis for supporting prices. Facing the risk of speculation caused by low-priced goods in the short term. Based on experience, under the background of the two major groups' efforts to assemble refined oil, LLDPE's short-term volume and price are difficult to change significantly, which has become the basis for our medium-term bullishness

technically, the futures and prices oscillate in a wide range. Daily turnover remained above 100000. There is still a certain downward momentum in the main contracts. In particular, the warehouse receipt market fell below 15000, which had a great impact on sentiment. In the future, it is more likely to complete the adjustment in a horizontal way

combined with the general background of inflation and the tight short-term environment of refined oil, we believe that the short-term price correction will create favorable buying opportunities in combination with the loss of demand for cosmetics packaging detection and utilization. Of course, as always, we need to be reminded that this variety has an unexpected trading volume recently. For the late trading situation, we still need to be alert to the risk of returning to light trading, and pay attention to the liquidity of opening and closing positions

in terms of operation, wait and see. After the adjustment, multiple orders can be considered

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