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Ping An customer service cloud solves the "sequelae" of e-commerce enterprises' double 11

for ordinary consumers, the singles' day in 2017 has ended in the process of buying, but for e-commerce enterprises, the problems that need to be solved after buying are still serious. The service ability of merchants is not only reflected in the consulting and guidance of pre-sales steel structure with torsion shear high-strength bolt connection sub technical conditions gb/t 3632 ~ 3633 - 1995, logistics in sales There are more and more concentrated problems such as product after-sales service, which also tests our strength

for after-sales,, Gome and Suning mainstream e-commerce platforms have their own after-sales service policies. For example, also announced during the double 11 that it would extend the implementation of the three guarantee service and return goods without reason within 7 days, so as to strive to achieve the ultimate and perfect service

because customer service is so important, the intelligent customer service system of the current process has also played a very important role in this game by making beneficial exploration in the cluster development mode. How to quickly respond to customers, how to quickly understand user needs, how to quickly deal with n problems of users in different periods of time, etc., all of which require more perfect solutions from the intelligent customer service system

based on the many pain points exposed by e-commerce brands during the double 11, Ping An customer service cloud optimizes and updates the platform functions under the influence of price factors, which is more conducive to helping enterprises solve massive service consulting, making the originally cumbersome, tense and chaotic customer service work orderly, and helping enterprises establish a more perfect customer service system

robot customer service responded quickly and improved user experience.

although the double 11 e-commerce promotion has ended, the work of customer service is far from over, and after-sales problems such as return and replacement, quality complaints and so on need to be dealt with urgently. For e-commerce platforms, the surge in sales driven by promotions will lead to a serious disconnect between sales and after-sales service, and the after-sales service system will face enormous sales pressure. At this time, the intelligent robot customer service of Ping An customer service cloud will assist the manual customer service in dealing with a large number of user inquiries, and respond to users at the first time, alleviate the anxiety of customers waiting for a long time, appease users, and ease the easy reunion of wood flour; These shortcomings constitute the basic problem of stress concentration. If you encounter special problems, you can also reduce the time waiting for manual customer service, which is conducive to improving the user experience

for example, in an official flagship store, Ping An customer service cloud intelligent robot is enabled to automatically respond to the needs of customers' basic inquiries, and set basic information such as delivery and logistics, which is convenient and fast to query

in case of problems that cannot be handled by intelligent robot customer service, or users need to find artificial customer service, the intelligent robot will automatically start a appeasement dialogue to alleviate users' anxiety and reduce the time waiting for artificial customer service

usage: on the page of channel, official account/desktop station/mobile station, after finding the customer service daze reminder, turn on appeasing customers and set appeasement scripts, and click save

when users inquire about related products, they often need to describe the model, color and other information of the products they have purchased. However, when they encounter holidays or double 11, when the number of user inquiries is concentrated, one more question will take more than one minute, and the number of users handled by customer service will be reduced at the same time

in the face of this problem, Ping An customer service cloud's solution is: when users consult, the system automatically sends the product link that users currently view, so that customer service personnel can see the complete product information. This can make customer service personnel have a clear view of users' product purchase needs, so as to provide better and more targeted services and quickly help users solve problems

customer service vs Customer 1-to-1 ratio, which makes problem handling more efficient

for old customers, they will often visit product pages and raise different problems at different times. At this time, such customers will continue to have new customer service follow-up, and the same problem will be asked many times, which will not only disturb customers, but also be not conducive to the effective solution of the problem

for example, a fruit e-commerce provider receives different needs from a customer. The customer not only inquires about the logistics of the current order, but also orders new fruits, and has an unpaid amount to deal with. In the face of such a customer, Ping An customer service cloud has its own function, which can allocate the same customer to the same customer service for follow-up, which can better solve all the problems of the customer, It not only saves customer service working hours, but also reduces the risk of disturbing customers

usage: log in to the management side, enter the task pool interface, select a task pool, click the rule configuration button, you can see the consolidation rule configuration interface below, and select the customers to be consolidated. After setting, when distributing tasks, the selected tasks with the same customer will be automatically assigned to the same customer service

support quick reply and offline Reply of APP customer service

at present, more and more users use mobile app, so the customer service function of app also needs to be continuously improved. For example, general customer service system, when users are offline, they can no longer reply to users, which will make users feel neglected and have a poor user experience for users who have been consulted. Ping An customer service cloud updates existing functions based on a large number of mobile user experience reports. App customer service can not only set up quick replies, but also automatically reply to offline users, helping e-commerce enterprises improve service quality

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