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Pilot Wireless - GPRS wireless data terminal recently, Shanghai exquisite technology launched a GPRS wireless data terminal, which can be equipped with paperboard compression tester and carton compression machine with 900/1800gsm/gprs system. It has high cost performance and low communication cost, and can save a lot of costs for GPRS end users. It is a wireless data communication product specially developed for industrial users, and the load can no longer rise. According to Shanghai exquisite technology company, this is a new generation of wireless communication terminal that integrates tcp/ip protocol, can process data faster and improve the stability of data transmission

gprs has the advantages of "real-time", "pay as you go", "fast login", "high-speed transmission", "free switching", and supports voice and data services at the same time. GPRS wireless data terminal is designed on the basis of GPRS operation network through specialization, marketization, internationalization and branding. It mainly meets the needs of customers for wireless data services and provides wireless interfaces for remote data communication, voice transmission and short message transmission. Users can use this product to access the Internet wirelessly, so as to realize the interconnection of networks

gprs wireless data terminal has the following outstanding technical characteristics: external crystal oscillator 22.1184MHz, working voltage +5v, providing users with API interface functions, and can be connected to external RAM. Two channels are provided, and the upper speed is up to 115.2kbps. This structure enables users to easily connect GPRS wireless data terminal with any required equipment, which greatly improves the flexibility of the system

Shanghai exquisite technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2000 and located in Zhangjiang High Tech Park, Pudong, Shanghai, is a high-tech company engaged in integrated circuit design, R & D, production and sales of communication electronic products. The company advocates the concept of creating higher value for customers and shareholders, and constantly puts innovative products into the communication and network market. Its core products are microprocessor, wireless data communication, broadband network communication products

the launch of GPRS wireless data terminal by Shanghai exquisite technology comes at a time when the semiconductor and network equipment market is depressed and slowly recovering from recession. Shanghai exquisite technology hopes that the improvement of performance will help GPRS wireless data terminal occupy the industry terminal equipment market, such as GPS positioning system, network information appliances, intelligent instruments and meters, remote video transmission, intelligent network industrial control system, telemedicine diagnosis system, network conference/song ordering system Building intelligent remote meter reading system, digital image network monitoring anti-theft system and other application fields

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