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Pindar ordered the second 48pp MAN Roland lithoman web printer

Pindar Printing Co., Ltd. in the UK has ordered the second 48p MAN Roland lithoman web printer, which will arrive in 2002. The new printing machine has a printing speed of 40000 pages/hour, four units and a drying device in the form of hot air drying

speaking of this order, Andrew Dalton, executive president of Pindar printing department, said: "whether in terms of the most progressiveness, the largest private enterprise management and the UK printing industry, this move shows our great confidence in the following aspects:

"First of all, we are confident in meeting all the business requirements of the commercial commercial and commercial consumer markets, including the printing of catalogues, finance and other special requirements.

" second, we are confident in further enhancing production capacity and efficiency by using the most advanced and best equipment and management tools.

"third, we are confident in MAN Roland and and its products."

for this order, the PPS drum of MAN Roland company in the UK is set up. At present, the park consists of fluorine mining, anhydrous hydrogen fluoride, 3 chloromethane, 4 fluoroethylene, 6 fluoropropylene Norman Revill, the manager of the Sales Department of polyvinylidene fluoride equipment, said, "I have established a very good working relationship with Pindar from the beginning. When Pindar installed the first 48plithman in 1999, I thought they would buy the second one soon. Pindar strengthened his full confidence in purchasing our second lithoman through the use of the first lithoman.

3. The Timken experiment at low temperature and low speed is quite different from the practical working conditions

"The current economic downturn will affect the operation, and Pindar's investment will make it the best equipped and most advanced enterprise in the British commercial printing industry. The company will win more opportunities and customers for this."

Mr. Dalton also praised Pindar's good relationship with employees and suppliers. He also pointed out that more and more different customers require companies to have special personnel to listen to their requirements and help meet their requirements. "The second 48p printer is a natural and logical development to meet these requirements, and the successful use of Scarborough factory in the past two years has proved the correctness of our decision." He added

Mr. lton concluded, "the three major parts of the group - alphagraphic worldwide; Pindar set databases in the United States and the United Kingdom and as a professional software developer mainly engaged in directory production, can always meet the requirements of customers."

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