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Pingdingshan will strictly investigate the illegal use of wall materials

Pingdingshan will strictly investigate the illegal use of wall materials

March 25, 2015

[China paint information] on March 23, Zhang Shufang, director of the wall reform office of the Municipal Bureau of housing and urban rural development, introduced that this year, the focus of Pingdingshan's wall material reform work was determined to further strengthen product quality and construction market supervision, and seriously investigate and deal with the illegal use of wall materials, Ensure that the implementation rate of energy-saving standards for new buildings in urban areas reaches 100%

it is understood that the new wall materials have a series of advantages, such as heat preservation, heat insulation, light weight, high strength, soil conservation, energy conservation, waste recycling, environmental protection, improving building functions and increasing the use area of houses, and a considerable number of them are green building materials. In 2015, the city will continue to lead the healthy development of wall material innovation, strengthen the sampling inspection of confirmed products, and continue to entrust professional testing institutions to conduct regular sampling inspection of wall materials of enterprises in the city, so as to ensure that the implementation rate of energy-saving standards for new buildings in the urban area reaches 100%, the application rate of new wall materials in urban planning areas remains above 98%, and the county (city, district) planning areas remain above 95%

in addition, the key work of wall material innovation in 2015 has set the goals of "banning adhesion in spring" and "banning real estate". This year, we will complete the "banning adhesion" in Ye County and Wugang temple, which are the basis for building a trillion level industry of new materials in our Province. We will support the "banning real estate" work in five towns, including Jie Township, Zhaocun town in Lushan County, Daying Town in Baofeng County, Huangdao town in Jia County, and ye Yi Town in Ye County, and strengthen the classification guidance for "banning adhesion" counties and "banning real estate" towns, Ensure that the provincial goals are achieved on schedule; In combination with the "real ban" work in villages and towns, actively carry out the training and publicity of the application technology of new wall materials in rural areas, promote the use of confirmed new wall materials, and focus on a demonstration project of new wall materials of 20000 square meters. At the same time, this year, based on its resource advantages, the city will also vigorously develop energy-saving and environmental friendly green wall materials, strive to increase the production capacity of new wall materials by 200 million standard blocks, cultivate 10 key backbone enterprises, pay attention to the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, promote the robot code blank, there are more than 4600 plastic production and sales enterprises in the town, and the waste heat utilization technology of sintering kilns, improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, and promote the industrial scale Management modernization, equipment automation and production diversification

"In 2015, the municipal government work report pointed out that major infrastructure such as Zhengzhou Wanzhou high-speed railway, Shahe reopening, urban light rail, mengping double track railway, daxihuan and so on should be planned and constructed, which also means that under the strong pull of infrastructure construction, the demand for new wall materials in our city will also increase steadily, which will bring new development opportunities to the innovation of the whole industry with a daily order of about 50million single materials for our city's wall." Zhang Shufang said

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