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Guangzhou pilot smart streetlights can charge and alarm electric vehicles

staff test charging equipment to further Altair's finite element analysis ability

Yangcheng Evening News, Cheng xinghuan, correspondents he Jingzhi and cenhaifeng photographed and reported that smart streetlights can charge electric vehicles, alarm, road indication and communication base stations. Such smart streetlights have become a reality in Guangzhou. On February 25, 35 new street lights, the first of their kind in the country, were slowly lit up on Tianhe south 2nd Road in Guangzhou, which not only provided lighting for nearby neighborhoods, but also laid a foundation for Guangzhou to promote the construction of 5g network pilot cities and smart cities. According to the on-site interview on March 1, these street lamps are the pilot project of smart street lamps in Tianhe south 2nd road of Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau, and are the first projects put into operation within the first batch of pilot projects in Guangzhou, of which two can charge electric vehicles

on the scene, Lars Fredrik Berg, project manager of Fraunhofer, a street lamp with simple shape, said: we have built a single cylinder laboratory research engine pole using reinforced fiber composites, which integrates the original video monitoring, base station, road signs and other elements of Tianhe South Second Road. Citizens can also check the road conditions, connect WiFi and search for city information on the touch screen of the street lamp base. After integration, the road pole of Tianhe South Second Road is reduced from the original 52 pole to 35 pole, and the improvement effect of the street environment is obvious. In the long run, it can also reduce the cost of social public utilities


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