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In the third quarter, PINAN deep plough industrial control level memory solution fully introduced anti vulcanization

the "vulcanization" phenomenon caused by environmental pollution in recent years makes a large number of sulfides in the air interact with silver in the resistance to produce insulator silver sulfide, which will lead to abnormal resistance value, cause open circuit failure, and greatly affect the durability and reliability of the equipment

in the third quarter, PINAN will comprehensively introduce anti vulcanization products that are better than the traditional displacement retention method in the field of industrial control. All the anti vulcanization resistors used have passed the anti vulcanization test specification of ASTM B, which meets the standard gb/t 22309 ⑵ 008. Compared with the peers, PINAN is also one of the few products that have been sent for testing and passed the anti vulcanization test specification of ASTM B and isa standard s71.04. Anti vulcanization products can make customers feel more at ease, It is also in line with slogan, the 25th anniversary of PINAN, "PINAN peace of mind, exclusive memory, PINAN 25 years, hand in hand to show the future", to provide customers with various perfect solutions

PINAN Technology participated in the 2019 embedded technology forum held by DIGITIMES, which featured edge intelligence and system security design, and displayed a number of industrial control products on site. Among them, the i/o transfer board series and anti vulcanization modules that were hit hard in 2019 received the most attention, and there were many inquiries not only after receiving enthusiastic feedback on site. In recent years, pin (4) has done a good job in industrial intensive processing and industrial chain extension. In addition to deeply cultivating the industrial control market, an will continue to provide high-quality products and services in the future

in addition to the main i/o products m.2 1 to 2 port and m.2 to 4 port RS232, PINAN also continues to move forward, and will launch PCIe to 4 Mini PCIe with SIM slot and other products. Four SIM cards are used for client communication, and four half height/full height Mini PCIe are transferred from PCIe as cards

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