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Ping Lin Expressway starts construction: it is planned to open to traffic in the next year

Guide: yesterday morning, the gongs and drums were blaring in the Yanzhuang Village section of Jiaodian Town, Xinhua District, Pingdingshan City, and another major construction project in our city, Ping Lin expressway, was officially started. According to the relevant person of the project, the Pinglin expressway is 107 kilometers long with a total investment of 3.2 billion yuan. The anti-terra ⑵ 10 and byk-p 9920 points are located in Ye County of Xunan highway

yesterday morning, gongs and drums were blaring in Yanzhuang village, Jiaodian Town, Xinhua District, Pingdingshan City. I hope the above sharing can help you. Day after day, another major construction project in our city, Pinglin expressway, was officially started

according to the relevant person of the project, Pinglin expressway is 107 kilometers long with a total investment of 3.2 billion yuan. It starts from the north of Yexian County of Xunan highway and connects the Luohe Pingdingshan Expressway under construction. It passes through the south of Pingdingshan urban area, the west of the urban area, the north of Baofeng County, the south of Ruzhou urban area and Linru Town, ends at Xiying new village, Linru Town, Ruzhou City, and connects the completed Luoyang Da'an expressway

according to the plan, the expressway has six entrances and exits in our city, of which there are two exits in the urban area, one is located in the focus town of Xinhua District, which is connected with the fast track completed yesterday, and the other is connected with it from Kaiyuan Road to the south. There are 6 interchanges, 7 separated railway interchanges, 52 highway interchanges, 8 major bridges, 21 medium and small bridges, 49 culverts, 113 channels and 20 overpasses. There are 1 Management Center, 2 service areas and 2 maintenance work areas along the line

the project is planned to be constructed by 15 construction units including China Railway 14th Bureau Group Co., Ltd., China Railway 5th Bureau Group Co., Ltd. and China Gezhouba Water Conservancy and Hydropower Engineering Group Co., Ltd., with a planned construction period of 20 months. It is expected to be completed on June 30, 2005 and opened to traffic at the end of 2005

Pinglin expressway is an important part of the national key highway - Shanghai Luoyang expressway, which is planned by the Ministry of communications to improve the support capacity of new materials throughout the whole process. It is also an important channel of the expressway skeleton network in Henan Province. After the completion of the project, the southeast direction can pass through Shanghai Luoyang Expressway to Luohe, Zhoukou, Jieshou, Hefei, Nanjing, Shanghai and the southeast coast; In the northwest, you can go to Sanmenxia, Xi'an, Lanzhou and other important cities through Lianhuo Expressway to the northwest. It highlights the regional advantage of "introducing water from the east to the west, connecting the South and penetrating the north" in the Central Plains

according to the introduction, this construction is mainly mechanized, with less human investment. Important building materials such as cement and lime, which our city has the ability to provide, are mainly purchased locally. Relevant personnel 1. It is revealed that a stable constant loading rate can be achieved, and about 60% of the total construction funds will be used locally

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