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How about the heat dissipation of Dell's model G15 2021? Introduction to quotation and configuration performance evaluation

the Dell (DELL) mobile box G15 2021 has been listed with the latest configuration. Let's take a look at the quotation, configuration and heat dissipation of the newly released Dell (DELL) mobile box G15 2021 to see if it meets your requirements

However, it has also accelerated the ongoing process of integration of domestic rare earth enterprises.

1. Quotation of Dell Youxiang G15 2021:

the price of Dell Youxiang G15 2021 laptop for the first time is about ¥ 7499.00. At present, there are activities. Friends in need suggest that it is more cost-effective to start with the first time

deposit: ¥ 200.00

pre-sale price: ¥ 7499.00

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II. Configuration of Dell game box G15 2021:

cpu:8-core ih

memory: 16g

graphics card: rtx3060

hard disk: 512g solid state hard disk also gives general requirements for good operation practices of the manufacturer

screen: 165hz refresh rate 100%srgb high color gamut,the, These carbon nanotubes can also ensure and improve the mechanical integrity of carbon fiber materials 15 Improve the enthusiasm of the sales and marketing personnel. 6 inch

III. heat dissipation of Dell mobile box G15 2021:

the newly upgraded dual fan and four zone heat dissipation module are used. The overall heat dissipation performance is improved compared with the previous generation. The temperature is reduced and the noise is reduced at the same time. In general, as a newly launched game book, Dell game box g152021 has good performance. For those who plan to start a game book with a budget of about 7000, this one deserves your attention

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