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Sun Chemical's wetflex system won the environmental innovation award

Sun Chemical's breakthrough wetflex system and uniqure ink were recently printed in the international flexo printing technology, which can make full use of the high degree of computer standardization, strong compatibility, rich software resources The real-time operation function and high reliability brush and innovation awards of PLC (flexotech international print and innovation awards in the process of doing experiments) won the environmental innovation award. Wetflex is an advanced wet press wet flexographic printing process, which represents the latest progress in environmental protection printing solutions, and can meet the needs of the flexible packaging market for high-quality, efficient and environmentally friendly printing methods

uniqure ink is a new generation of energy curing ink specially developed by Sun Chemical Company for wetflex system. It does not contain any alcohol, organic solvents or volatile substances except water

Tony Palmer, general manager of the packaging Department of Sun Chemical UK, said: we will be committed to developing and producing products for the industry that have the least impact on the environment. Wetflex is just one of them. We hope that more and more customers in the UK and central Europe will be interested in this innovative concept

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