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How about the advantages and disadvantages of Midea handheld wireless vacuum cleaner P5? Start with the real secret feeling

new recommendation of Midea handheld wireless vacuum cleaner: Midea wireless vacuum cleaner household small large suction ultra silent powerful mite removal cordless vacuum cleaner handheld P5, this is a new product in 2019. Let's take a look at the hands-on experience, price configuration, and user comments on the advantages and disadvantages. I hope it can help you choose this Midea handheld wireless vacuum cleaner P5 for reference

I. experience of Midea handheld wireless vacuum cleaner P5:

tell the truth. This Midea handheld wireless vacuum cleaner P5 is OK after being used for a period of time. It is their classic model. The style is fashionable. The overall look is quite atmospheric. The clever shape design and appearance have a good texture. I just bought it myself. I heard my friends say it is OK. I bought it later, The result was not disappointing. I like the style. The workmanship is very exquisite. It is really good. The installation is simple. It solves my trouble of sweeping and mopping the floor every day. It is small and light. I recommend this little helper. The sound is a little loud, but it is completely acceptable. The wireless is super easy to use! It can also be disassembled and stored after use, which is very convenient and will not occupy space. It has been almost a month since I used it. I am satisfied. More details on Evaluation of advantages and disadvantages

II Midea handheld wireless vacuum cleaner P5 detailed configuration:

Product Name: midea/Midea P5 pro

vacuum cleaner brand: midea/Midea

Midea model: P5 pro

power: below 500W

color classification: vibrant red

line length: wireless

manufacturer: Midea

dust storage type: cyclone dust box

vacuum cleaner type: handheld


power: 250W experimental machine requiring large stroke

maximum noise: 73db

Warranty period: 24 months

3. The model of the equipment can be divided into digital display, microcomputer controlled and Midea handheld wireless vacuum cleaner. How much is the P5 price:

original price: ¥ 1999.00 promotion price: ¥ 1599.00

check the quotation after 400 yuan coupon.

4. Midea handheld wireless vacuum cleaner P5 user's comments on advantages and disadvantages:

1. Dust collection effect: strong suction, cat litter dust and cat hair can be easily sucked away, Good effect good noise control: the bunched cable combustion experimental machine with noise safety must comply with the gb/t18380.31 ⑵ 008 and iec60332 ⑶ ⑴ 0/2009 standards. It is small, not large, and much smaller than the vacuum cleaner before my family. Appearance material: tall and portable appearance. Other features: easy to carry and assemble, strong suction, exquisite and careful packaging without bumps and scratches. A variety of suction heads are very easy to use, with good suction and convenient cleaning, The materials are solid and worth buying. I hope to add a base for convenient storage. It's still not good to make holes in the wall. It's more tidy to add a wire storage hook. I'm generally satisfied. There are pets at home. Cat hair brooms can sweep everywhere, but vacuum cleaners can't. it's recommended to buy

2. The home is just decorated so that people can install all kinds of soft appliances on the wall. There is a lot of dust. I bought one to try when I saw tmall's activities. I usually use many beautiful appliances, and I'm quite relieved to buy beautiful appliances. The goods arrived quite quickly, according to the time point. After I got it, I tried it. The weight is not very heavy. The suction is relatively large. There is only one button. It is convenient to operate with one hand. It is very suitable to suck small things. The garbage chute is also opened with one button, which can be disassembled for washing. Very satisfied overall

3. I tried the vacuum cleaner as soon as I got it. It's much more convenient than the old-fashioned one. It's not convenient to drag a bucket around. This kind of vacuum cleaner can be easily placed in a corner. It doesn't take up much space. It can also be sucked in a small corner. It's really convenient. Even if the gear is big, the sound is not very loud. Cleaning is also very simple. The packaging was very good. There was no bump when I got it

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