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Fujian: how about the consumption of nuclear power in the nuclear power province

in the first quarter of this year, the transaction volume of trans provincial export transactions in Fujian reached 10.802 billion kwh, and the transaction scale reached 3.7 times that of the same period last year. The annual transaction scale exceeded the 10 billion mark for the first time, the highest in history. Among them, nuclear power transmission reached 6.414 billion kwh, doubling year-on-year, further promoting the consumption of clean energy in Fujian

Fujian is a large electric power province with expensive nuclear power in the commercial scope. At present, the installed power generation capacity of Fujian Province is 55.97 million KW, and the installed ratio of clean energy is 54.5%. Among them, the installed capacity of Fujian nuclear power is 8.71 million KW, accounting for 15.6%, ranking the second in China

in the past two years, Fujian has experienced a surplus of electricity due to the rapid growth of nuclear power installation and the slowdown of power demand growth. In addition to participating in power transmission outside the province, nuclear power has actively participated in the market-oriented trading of Fujian power. In 2018, the long-term Association trading of old users has made a qualitative improvement. A total of 7.391 billion kilowatt hours of electricity were traded by nuclear power, accounting for 34.25%. The average transaction price in the whole market is 363.4 yuan/MWh

it can be seen that Fujian nuclear power units have gradually narrowed the gap of nuclear power consumption by actively participating in market-oriented transactions and improving the frequency of power transmission outside the province. In the next long-term association of new users (it was traded on April 26, and the sunrise results of the world-class aluminum magnesium alloy material R & D base will be built in Northeast China on May 4) and the monthly market competition, nuclear power will continue to make efforts to promote the consumption of clean energy in Fujian. 1. Measuring device for insulator:

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