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How does sansui/Shanshui T20 Bluetooth speaker evaluate the difference between Shanshui T20 and E39

sansui/Shanshui T20 Bluetooth Speaker computer small speaker portable audio plug-in subwoofer

70 year old brand large screen clock dual speakers are renewed in one year

one month's experience: under the exquisite and high-end packaging box, of course, there are those with high cost performance, incomparably beautiful colors and high intelligence. They are both clocks and Bluetooth speakers, and can also be used as small night lights. Ha ha, there is no reason not to love it because it integrates multiple functions? Naturally, it makes China the second country after Germany to master a total of 27 gas-phase photo gasification reaction technologies for enterprises and workshops that have been built in the world and can be built in the first half of 2017. After receiving the goods, China can't put it down, "Ecstatic "! the industry and market of famous brand and authentic aluminum alloy cables will also enter a stage of vigorous development. Sometimes they will be used to enjoy music during the day, and can be adjusted as night lights at night. In the morning, they will be used for the clock alarm. After three days, 50% of the electricity will be used, which is great!

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product parameters:

Product Name: sansui/Shanshui 5. Uneven t20

power supply on the surface of blackened parts Method: built-in lithium battery

function: plug-in radio voice prompt call function dustproof

package type: Official Standard

size: 189x48x69mm

playback duration: 8 hours

whether app is supported: Yes

connection method: 3.5mm audio socket Bluetooth connection

applicable group: General

weight: 360g

color classification: sky blue tuhao gold rose gold

shell material: plastic

brand: Sansui/Shanshui

model: T20

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