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How about the continued decline of glass futures

on October 20, the glass futures continued the weak trend and hit the 1680 level. What is the trend of the plastic granulator operation in the future in a wide range of areas of the national economy? Long trend or short trend? Take a quick look at the latest views, which are summarized as follows:

Ruida futures believes that the recent transaction in the domestic float glass market is relatively better than that in the origin of Jinan experimental machine. North China and Huake can make wear-resistant coating by using the mechanical properties and sliding characteristics of graphene. After the East market meeting, the original film manufacturers raised the factory price again. In October, the climate change in the northern region was obvious, and there was a market demand in the rush period. With the arrival of the traditional peak sales season, the orders of downstream processing enterprises are acceptable. At the same time, the social inventory of downstream processing enterprises and traders has been reduced to a certain extent on a month on month basis. It can be seen from the production enterprises that the deformation of the samples will gradually increase the willingness of the industry to directly replenish the inventory. Recently, the warehouse out speed of glass production enterprises has been accelerated on a month on month basis, driving the enterprise inventory to fall back again. On the disk, fg2101 contract closed down slightly. In the short term, the support around 1700 was concerned, and it was suggested to trade in the range

according to the analysis of Huatai futures, in terms of spot goods, yesterday's float glass spot goods were mainly stable, of which the inventory of enterprises in Shahe region fell to a low level, and the market delivery was OK. According to the real estate data released by the Bureau of Statistics yesterday, the new construction in a single month was -2% year-on-year and the completion was -18% year-on-year, slightly different from the current overall supply and demand pattern of the market. In terms of demand, deep-processing enterprises are stable and positive, and Low-E market performance is average. On the whole, after the National Day holiday, glass manufacturers started a new round of unequal price increases, which further increased the warehouse receipt price. There is still a large discount on the disk. At the same time, the spot prices of heavy alkali and thermal coal are relatively strong, which has a certain support for the disk. In the fourth quarter, glass consumption is expected to continue to maintain a high growth trend, and it is suggested to go long on the bargain hunting. But at the same time, we should also pay attention to the impact of the state's regulation of real estate on glass consumption, as well as the subsequent changes in the speed of warehouse removal and production lines

Hongye futures said that the terminal demand of downstream processing enterprises was good in the current period, and the order volume maintained a good growth rate. The inventory of enterprises in Shahe area fell to a low level, and the market trading atmosphere continued; The prices of most enterprises in East China remained stable, some enterprises offered targeted Shipping discounts, and the middle and lower reaches maintained their just needed procurement; The trading atmosphere in the market of South China is acceptable, the shipment of enterprises is improved, and the regional quotation is slightly improved. The resilience of terminal demand supports short-term market prices

as pointed out by Dayue futures, in terms of fundamentals, the support of cost side soda ash is weak; The output of float glass in China is stable, and the overall supply changes little; The downstream real estate data weakened, and the negative growth rate of new housing starts suppressed sentiment, but the demand in the seasonal peak season is expected to remain stable. The supply of glass market is stable, and the weakness of downstream real estate data affects sentiment

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