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The long decoration is finally coming to an end. After nearly three months of decoration construction, the decoration of my house is finally coming to an end. Of course, another important thing during the decoration period is the acceptance of the decoration project

● decoration acceptance is the best “ Detailed inspection, “ Slow collection

among all people, the foreman may be the one who wants to finish work quickly, but I'm not in a hurry, because I understand that the signing of decoration acceptance is the last bit of initiative in my hand, and I can't let it go easily

according to the experience of the decoration predecessors, find a sunny day, choose a time when the indoor light is better, bring a complete set of decoration drawings provided by the decoration designer when signing the contract, and go to the site to carefully review all the decoration projects. This includes all the engineering decoration projects carried out by the decoration team, such as ceramic tiles, ceilings, floors, etc., especially the switch panel. Be sure to compare the drawings to see if all interfaces (including TV, telephone, network, etc.) are installed in the right place. Don't be confused and installed wrong

the problems found in the decoration acceptance and those that need to be reworked are best required to be reworked. However, it is inevitable that some problems are difficult to solve from the perspective of technology, so some appropriate remedies are also acceptable. For example, there is a gap of about 1 cm between the lower edge of my TV wall and the upper edge of the TV cabinet made on site, which is actually not in place, but their technology may not meet my requirements. Therefore, the final compromise is to use a glass glue, which basically makes up for this defect

the decoration acceptance is completed, and it is not time to sign. The 45 days of decoration construction agreed in the decoration contract has been delayed to 70 days, which is certainly not something I can ignore. Therefore, although the foreman has kept talking well to me recently and said that I would be exempted from the installation fee of more than 200 yuan for a bathtub, the problem is that if the 25 day construction period is delayed according to the decoration contract, the decoration company will compensate me for a total of more than 1000 yuan of liquidated damages, which is certainly worth it

therefore, it is best to make an appointment with the project manager, patrol inspection and decoration designer, or even the decoration project director of the company after the decoration is completed. It is absolutely the most beneficial for our owners to check and accept together and act in full accordance with the detailed rules of the decoration contract

● pay in proportion. Don't miss anything.

as we are nearing completion, we should also start to pay more attention to another thing &mdash& mdash;& mdash; The refund made by the home decoration company according to the proportion between the purchasing of main materials and the decoration money. In that sentence, although the main materials are very responsible, it is inevitable to be negligent due to too many customers. According to my recent experience, the following points need to be paid attention to:

first of all, in order to attract customers, home decoration companies generally have signing preferential activities, such as signing a contract at a certain time and enjoying a discount. So, remember to find out the receipt of the deposit (not the formal decoration contract) and see what innate benefits you enjoy. Just this one, I “ Get back the discount of more than 3000 yuan I promised

secondly, for the products on the decoration main material platform, the price fluctuates in various time periods, and the final price we buy this product is based on the lowest price between ordering and delivery to home. Therefore, we must sort out the final price of each decoration building material at this time. Take the bathtub I bought as an example. When I first ordered it, the price was less than 3000 yuan, but because I caught up with “ The price of the National Day event was less than 2000 yuan when it was sent home, with a difference of more than 1000 yuan

finally, as the price of each commodity is constantly fluctuating, the proportion of commodities included in the purchasing agent is also constantly changing. It is “ Understanding consumption can also reduce misunderstandings





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