New model of waterborne metallic paint bilnick wat

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The 21st century is a century of green and environmental protection. Saving resources, energy and pollution-free is the main development direction of the world's coatings. At present, the vast majority of acrylic paints used in China are solvent based. The biggest disadvantage is that they pollute the environment, are flammable and explosive, are harmful to human body, and may cause secondary pollution, which wastes a lot of resources and energy

bilnick waterborne acrylic paint is weather resistant, water resistant, strong adhesion and tough film; Good color retention, fast drying speed, non-toxic and tasteless, non combustible and non explosive, safe and environmental protection; The construction is convenient. It can be brushed, rolled and sprayed. The tools are easy to clean. It is the best alternative to the traditional acrylic paint. There is no danger of explosion and fire in the transportation, storage and construction of bilnick waterborne acrylic paint in a closed environment, which will not endanger the health of construction personnel




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