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Excellent salesmen can rely on their own affinity and high-quality service to consumers to achieve the purpose of signing orders

with the improvement of the quality of the whole people, more and more people understand the truth that "respect for others can win respect". In a civilized modern society, no one does not want to be respected, and respect does not exist only among relatives, friends and colleagues, but also between sellers and buyers

how can the door and window industry win the favor of consumers? Mingzhu Chuangzhan believes that in addition to ensuring the quality of door and window products, the most important thing is to have a good service attitude. The so-called good service attitude means, to put it bluntly, the minimum respect for consumers, patiently answering questions raised by consumers, patiently introducing products to consumers, thinking about what consumers think, and recommending the most appropriate products for consumers. As a door and window salesman, if you let the consumer feel your service enthusiasm and respect for him, then your cooperation has been half achieved

excellent salespeople can completely rely on their own affinity and high-quality service to consumers to achieve the purpose of signing orders. In the door and window industry, there may be many dealers doing large orders such as contracting and bidding. In contrast, the family type consumers who go to the store to buy are "insignificant". However, although the transaction amount of this family type consumer is small, it also represents a part of the consumer group. Most of the people who go to the store to buy doors and windows are for the decoration of new houses. Imagine, If the door and window salesman persuades a consumer with good service and good goods, is it possible for him to introduce his neighbors in the Xinqi community, relatives and friends who also bought a new house to your store? In this way, you are like doing a free soft publicity, which may be better than the effect you get from advertising and activities

in this way, good service may drive the better development of door and window stores. For door and window dealers, good service requires patience, smile and respect for consumers, but what they get may be free soft publicity, more associated customers, good reputation, etc





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