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Each constellation has different personality characteristics and natural skills, and its favorite decoration style is also different

each constellation has different personality characteristics and natural skills, and the decoration style you like is also different

each has its own way of life.

applying customized furniture style to personal home space can better create its own exclusive world

as one of the top ten brands of China's overall wardrobe, bangyuan famous craftsman has been focusing on customized furniture for the whole house for more than ten years, with diversified design styles; Next, let's enjoy it together

1. Aries

impulsive and adventurous, you must want to design your home with quite bold and strong colors. For furnishings, the more creative, the more exciting, the more modern, the more satisfied, your home must be full of individualism

postmodern style

Aries likes to have personality and doesn't like being like others. Of course, home decoration style is also. The post-modern style fully conforms to the standard, breaking the traditional decorative style, and making home life more personalized

2. Taurus

Taurus people have a very accurate sense of color, things with a sense of design and life style. Natural home style is your favorite. You who pay attention to mood will decorate the color and atmosphere of the house warm and comfortable. And you who like delicious food pay special attention to tableware, dining table and other food related furniture

neoclassical style

Taurus is honest and more traditional. So their home style is more neoclassical

3. Gemini

Gemini people are unpredictable and curious. The customized furniture you choose must be simple and easy to move, so you can change your position at will with your mood. And your furnishings must be full of childlike fun. With a little gossip, you are always curious about new information, so the bookshelf used to put some gossip and fashion magazines is indispensable

mix and match style

Gemini people have rich imagination. So their decorative style is hard to figure out. Most Gemini people choose mix and match

4. Cancer

cancer is a natural housewife or husband, so what you care about most is having a good kitchen, and the charm you exude in the kitchen is unmatched. Although your room is messy, it gives people a warm feeling

Japanese style

cancer loves home and has a strong sense of responsibility for home. Home style tends to favor Japanese style, which is refreshing, elegant and comfortable

5. Leo

it is your dream to live in a prosperous area and high-end villa area. You pay most attention to the design of the living room. The living room in your mind must be gorgeous and spacious. Because of your unique views and appreciation of art, your family must have a large collection of art treasures, each of which is valuable

European style

Leo has high requirements for home furnishing, so the atmosphere of European style often meets their requirements

6. Virgo

you are a bit picky and pursue perfection. What you pursue is an environment that can relax your body and mind. You are thoughtful and organized, so your home looks neat and clean. You, who are famous for cleanliness, especially care about the bathroom facilities in the bathroom

Nordic style

virgins are most disgusted with messy home environment. Nordic style is simple, concise and bright, and attaches importance to the utilization of space. The "small, refined and clever" mode can meet the requirements of virgins with severe cleanliness addictions

7. Libra

the artistic inspiration and talent contained in you make you a master of home decoration. Coupled with your creativity from time to time, your home is full of novelty from furniture, layout to color. You pay attention to romantic sentiment, so you pay most attention to the layout of the bedroom. If you care about your appearance, you must have a big wardrobe at home to put your clothes

pastoral style

Libra yearns for freedom and likes freedom, so the pastoral style is more suitable for them

8. Scorpio

the quiet area is your ideal place. You especially prefer furniture with tan or dark red as the keynote, which has a sense of history. You attach the most importance to the comfort of the bedroom. A romantic big bed can best catch your heart. If you can see good scenery outside the window, it's perfect

modern style

Scorpio likes to control everything in his own hands. His style with high enthusiasm for work often conforms to modern style home decoration

9. Sagittarius

curious Sagittarius, willing to accept all new things, you are very eager to have a wide space, your home looks simple, without all fancy things. Although Sagittarius is not very interested in decorators, it doesn't hurt to change small decorations occasionally to change your mood

simple style

Sagittarius is full of hope for the future and treats things with an optimistic attitude. Simple style is their first choice

10. Capricorn

over time, Capricorn's requirements for home will also change. But what doesn't change is that at any time, Capricorn with workaholic tendencies will regard home as another office. For you, work is the focus of your life and your spiritual pillar. Therefore, you most focus on the planning of the study. The big desk for office and the comfortable boss chair must be your priority household goods

Chinese style

Capricorn is very calm, and they like to think. So Chinese style is very suitable for Capricorn

11. Aquarius

a convenient place to live is your only requirement. For Aquarius, who advocates freedom, home is sometimes just a place like a hotel, as long as you can sleep. Your home is mostly in cold colors, with simple lines. Furniture that can be moved at will can best meet your casual attitude towards life

American style

Aquarius yearns for freedom, likes nature and the feeling of sunshine. So American style is especially suitable for them

12. Pisces

nature is your favorite place. Romantic to hopeless, your longing for home has reached a state. Whether it is the living room, bathroom, bedroom or kitchen, it will be full of romantic factors, such as aromatherapy, candlesticks, electronic photo frames, etc., Pisces will not be too many. Your creative thinking and hands-on ability make your place special

Mediterranean style

Pisces likes to pursue romance and will bring some fantasy, so Mediterranean style is the first choice for Pisces people

isn't it amazing

according to the house type and area of the home,

match it to your favorite look

what suits you is the best




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