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The dz500/2se stainless steel double chamber vacuum packaging machine is suitable for the use of plastic composite film packaging bags to facilitate the automatic vacuum packaging of pickles, grain products, bean products, fish, poultry and other foods, so as to achieve the functions of anti-oxidation and anti mildew. It can effectively extend the storage life of packaged goods, especially for liquid materials with high liquidity, so as to prevent material overflow

this model has left and right alternating vacuum folding LCE chambers of about 13000 tons, two groups of simultaneous heating sealing devices, computer automatic program control, vacuum degree and sealing temperature can be adjusted, and vacuum and sealing can be completed at one time

Introduction to the new product characteristics of stainless steel double chamber vacuum packaging machine

a-concave cover, t-convex cover, q-inflation, b-busch pump, C-external pump 2x-15

1) all stainless steel concave type

2) new computer controller

these conduits often have standard shape and size

3) silicone rubber upper seal ring

4) convex upper vacuum chamber

5) configurable Buch pump

6) surface sandblasting

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