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Introduction to top21 printer powder recycling device

with China's entry into WTO, the majority of printing enterprises will face an economic environment that is gradually in line with international standards. The application of environmental friendly powder recycling device will directly benefit the development of the company

several problems that should be paid attention to:

1. The law of the people's Republic of China on the prevention of occupational diseases promulgated in October 2001, the pointer should have no stagnation and pulsation

2. Since 2001, more and more enterprises will carry out ISO14000 environmental protection system certification

3. Since 2002, more and more enterprises will carry out ISO18000 harmless production system certification

all these show that cleaner production, harmless production and environmental protection production of printing enterprises are urgent and necessary at present

top21 printer powder collector characteristics:

using foreign advanced technology, the scientific and environmental protection dust collection efficiency can reach more than 80%

applicable to various brand printing machines, and can be customized according to the model and specification of the machine

directly installed on the printing machine will not affect the performance and operation of the printing machine, but also reduce the loss of air conditioning in the workshop

it is synchronized with the printing machine, controlled by automatic program, and various indicators clearly show the operation of the machine

with automatic and manual switching functions, it is not only convenient to clean the printing machine, but also can effectively remove dust

it has the function of safe and automatic short-circuit power in case of abnormal operation

it adopts frequency conversion and intelligent suction control, and the size of suction can be adjusted according to the requirements of thick and thin paper

transparent pot type powder bucket collection, the amount of dust is clear at a glance, and cleaning is very convenient

both up and down, combined into one, simple operation, no maintenance

top21 comparison of dust collector with other dust removal methods

difference between dust collector with standard configuration of imported offset press (Komori, Heidelberg)

dust collector with standard configuration of imported offset press is installed in the inner lower part of the paper receiving platform of the press, and is directly discharged out of the room by the funnel and the fan of the lower air duct, forming external air pollution, and only part of the dust that falls freely down can be removed, Even in some places, the dust on the upper part of the gap smooth strip and tooth row cannot be removed, but what we want is to absorb it up and down, and the dust will be automatically recovered and will not be discharged outdoors

the difference between it and the updraft pipe installed by some factories:

it directly discharges powder outdoors, causing outdoor environmental pollution

the wind force of powder suction is not adjustable and the wind pressure is small

the pipeline is too long to collect powder

when starting and the exhaust fan is not running, the outdoor air will produce a near-infrared model of powder collection. In practical application, a batch of unqualified polypropylene bottles for oral use were detected

no suction device

difference from other brands of dust collectors on the market:

this machine adopts intelligent frequency conversion device, and the wind force can be adjusted freely, while other models do not

this machine does not use a filter device, so there is no need to carry out cumbersome maintenance, while other models use a filter device or bag device, so it needs all-weather maintenance or replacement of the filter

the operation condition of this machine is displayed by frequency conversion digital display, and the condition is clear at a glance, while other models do not

difference at the air outlet:

this machine is equipped with an air filter at the air outlet, and the air purification rate is more than 93% (test results), while other models do not have this device, and the air purification rate of the air outlet is only less than 87% (test results)

features of this machine:

environmental friendly powder cleaning design

frequency conversion intelligent suction control

to ensure that there is enough information to evaluate the safety of food contact materials and products. Double transparent tank dust collection

both the upper and lower parts are sucked into one. The operation is simple and maintenance is not required

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