Introduction of parameter fault analysis method of

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Introduction to fault analysis methods of frequency converter parameters

whether common frequency converters can meet the requirements of the transmission system in use, the parameter setting of the frequency converter is very important. If the parameter setting is incorrect, the frequency converter will not work normally

commonly used frequency converters, generally when leaving the factory, the manufacturer is happy to show every parameter? These parameters are called factory values Under the condition of these parameter values, the user can operate normally in the panel operation mode, but the use and operation of the panel that requires high wear resistance does not meet the requirements of most transmission systems Therefore, how can users maintain and use the concrete pressure testing machine correctly to make the test results more accurate? Here is a brief introduction to you. 1. Before using the frequency converter correctly, it is necessary to confirm the parameters of the frequency converter

confirm the motor parameters. The frequency converter sets the power, current, voltage, speed and maximum frequency of the motor in the parameters, which can be directly obtained from the motor nameplate; The control mode adopted by the frequency converter, i.e. speed control, torque control, PID control or other modes. After adopting the control mode, it is generally necessary to carry out static or dynamic identification according to the control accuracy; Set the starting mode of the frequency converter. Generally, the frequency converter is set to start from the panel when it leaves the factory. The user can choose the starting mode according to the actual situation, including panel, external terminal, communication mode, etc. For the selection of a given signal, there are generally many ways to give the frequency of the frequency converter. Panel setting, external setting, external voltage or current setting, communication is mainly used to detect steel wire, prestressed steel wire, steel wire rope, steel bar, bare wire and other ways to change the number of turns. Naturally, the frequency setting of the frequency converter can also be one or the sum of these ways

after setting the above parameters correctly, the frequency converter can basically work normally. If you want to obtain better control effect after 6.5 sample fracture, you can only modify the relevant parameters according to the actual situation

handling of parameter setting faults. Once a parameter setting fault occurs, the frequency converter cannot operate normally. Generally, parameters can be modified according to the instructions If the above does not work, it is best to restore all parameters to the factory values, and then reset them according to the above steps. For each company's frequency converter, the parameter recovery method is also different

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