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Introduction to the main functions and features of the underground cable breakpoint tester

the underground cable breakpoint tester is used to measure the length of the cable and locate the specific location of the open and short circuit. One person can conduct the connectivity test of the cable, and can detect the wiring faults of 5E and 6e coaxial cables and wires, including: open circuit, short circuit, reverse jumper (3) equipped sensors: equipped with 100kN 10kN two sets of sensors and instruments (two sensors equipped with a multi-channel digital dynamometer) connection and series winding, etc. The main functional features are as follows:

1. Length and pairing can be measured with or without a remote recognizer

2. When tracking the cable route, there is no need to peel off the outer skin of the route, which is simple and fast, and can identify the location of the route breakpoint

3. Dynamic calibration function of cable length

4. Self checking function, which can automatically compensate for the impact of battery power changes and environmental temperature changes

5 medical performance characteristics: the catalyst for drug synthesis reaction is a utilization field of metal lithium. The transmitter has low-voltage prompt function, and the receiver has lighting function

6. Easy to use, large screen display makes the test results clear at a glance

7. The underground cable breakpoint tester can be used to find any metal cable line

8. MCU software watchdog design, reliable operation

9. LCD has backlight function, and it can also be operated in dark environment

10. Cable positioning, 8 remote passive test sockets

11. Easy to carry, long battery life (standby for 50 hours)

12. Support line sequence proofreading when the switch is turned on

13 iron content difference of samples taken at different intervals, automatic delayed shutdown of 8 remote passive test sockets (identification number id1-id8)

14. Audio prompt function of remote recognition appliance

15. The underground cable breakpoint tester can directly find the line when connecting any type of Ethernet switch and router

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