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Fresh keeping proposal for surplus food

after dinner, plastic food boxes, microwave bowls, fresh-keeping films, fresh-keeping bags, and all the guys who can be used to preserve food appear together. Yes, for the health of your family, the rest of the food should be properly preserved. For a long time, we all think that the plastic products commonly used in the market for food packaging and storage, including disposable convenience bags, food packaging bags and reusable plastic containers, are safe and harmless. But in fact, the advice from relevant experts is: you should carefully understand the constituent materials of the product and master the correct storage method, so as to ensure that there is no threat to your health

● proposal 1: how can we make a good choice by looking for the digital password on the packing box? A simple and feasible way is to listen to the guidance from the manufacturer, which can usually be found in the description of the original packaging of goods. If you can't find the relevant content on the outer package of the goods, you must think twice before you buy

if you have the habit of reading the product manual, you will find a lot of useful information in the text at the bottom of the food box. The bottom of most food boxes will appear a triangular number symbol. The whole pattern may also include arrows or other numbers, which are used to distinguish product material categories. When buying food boxes, the following figures deserve our special attention:

number 3:

meaning: this number represents PVC. This kind of material has a hard texture and is often used to make food boxes, water pipes and building materials. It is widely used in daily life

usage guide: Generally speaking, the food box made of this raw material is only suitable for storing dry and low moisture foods, such as rice and pasta. PVC is not strong in high temperature resistance, so be sure to transfer the food to a food container suitable for microwave before heating the food

number 6:

meaning: This is the symbol of polystyrene. This material sometimes presents a foam shape and is mainly used to make disposable lunch boxes, water cups and tableware

instructions for use: among all types of food packaging materials, polystyrene has the lowest melting point, so although it can be used to hold warm food, do not directly heat the food box with this material

number 7:

meaning: this number represents materials other than PVC and polystyrene or synthetic materials of various plastic materials. If the raw material of the food box is polycarbonate (containing BPA), this number will appear on the product

instructions for use: this kind of food box is made of a variety of materials, and its heat resistance and maintenance methods are also different. Before use, you must carefully read the product instructions and strictly follow the manufacturer's instructions

● proposal 2: fully understand the use skills of lunch boxes

update the containers in time - if you find that the food boxes at home are deformed, worn, infiltrated with oil or difficult to clean after a long time, you should make a quick decision and let them be laid off as soon as possible. Detergents, detergents and cleaning cloths can wear and even corrode food boxes. If there are bubbles on the surface of the food box, it indicates that the damage has been caused for a long time. What's more, if the surface is stained due to the infiltration of vegetable juice, it means that the chemical components in the food box are likely to seep into the food in the container during the heating process. Therefore, experts pointed out that aging and damaged food containers must be eliminated and renewed in time

heating, not boiling - for the use of microwave ovens, the difference between heating and cooking seems to be only a thin line. But this little difference is crucial to the safety of plastic food boxes. Even microwave lunch boxes cannot withstand long-term high temperature treatment. Generally speaking, food can be heated to 60 ℃. There is an appropriate safe distance between this temperature and the boiling point, "storer explained. Some materials, such as polycarbonate, will begin to soften and melt at about 135 ℃, so they cannot be used for food heating. Even other plastic food containers should avoid such high temperatures. The secret of safety is: before heating, move the food into a microwave container made of glass or ceramic materials, especially when you plan to use the microwave oven to cook new dishes with fresh materials, or heat the leftovers that have been stored for a long time at high temperature

special bag - how about finding an ordinary plastic bag to replace when there is no food bag at hand? Don't forget that the U.S. Food and drug administration has only approved several types of specially treated plastic containers, packaging bags and convenience bags for food. Therefore, even if you plan to build an aluminum based new materials industrial park with a total investment of 5billion yuan in a hurry, you can't just grab a few bottles and put your food in it. Even if the instructions indicate that the product is harmless to human body, as long as it is not used exclusively for food, and considering the small deformation and health of yourself and your family, it must not be used to top up. Expert tips: to save food, you must buy special plastic lunch boxes for food; Food that needs to be fresh-keeping must be packaged in special fresh-keeping bags for food. Never use shops, supermarkets or even garbage bags to save money or trouble

good cleaning - a basin of hot water, a few drops of detergent, and a soft cleaning cloth are enough to brush all the tableware clean. There is no need to use strong alkaline detergent similar to decontamination powder to remove oil stains left by food. When using the dishwasher, you should put the plastic tableware on the top layer. Before using a new food container, it must be thoroughly washed to avoid mixing the dirt left in the production process into the food

each takes its own advantages - self adhesive food bags and food preservative films are the best choices for packaging food. In order to increase the elasticity of the product, some fresh-keeping films are made of PVC. If you are worried about the adverse effects of PVC on the human body, you can choose products that "do not contain plasticizers". Do not put ordinary plastic containers into the microwave oven for heating. When using the microwave oven to heat meals, be sure to put the food in the glass or ceramic dishes dedicated to the microwave oven. If necessary, it is best to wrap a layer of plastic wrap around the dishes, but do not let them touch the food surface

information source: rest assured medical garden

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