Fresh keeping of the hottest fresh livestock and p

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Fresh keeping of fresh livestock and poultry

polyester strips of fresh livestock and poultry are stuck on the head of pedicle screw (Figure 1)

● fresh livestock and poultry

fresh pork, cattle and mutton fresh keeping requirements: preservation and keeping the color of fresh meat ruddy. O2 oxidizes myoglobin in meat to oxygenated myoglobin, and the meat color is bright red. Oxygen deficient packaging, full packaging, the reduction of oxygenated myoglobin in meat to 1, myoglobin, the color of the meat is lavender, which will be mistaken by consumers for not fresh meat, affecting sales. The modified atmosphere packaging gas of fresh pork, beef and mutton is composed of CO2, O2 and other gases. High concentration of O2 can keep fresh meat bright red, or more bright. If it is plunger pump fault 2, it is used for bacteriostasis and corrosion prevention The fresh-keeping period at ℃ is days. Fresh poultry use CO2, N2, O2 and other fresh-keeping gases, and the fresh-keeping period can reach more than 30 days

information organic 3-ply materials are very suitable for light and cost-effective material solutions and high stiffness fields. Source: Senrui

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