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Fresh keeping and processing of tender corn

1 Harvest: the harvest period of sweet main rice is 23-25 days after the filaments are extracted, and the harvest period of waxy corn and high nutritional corn cannot exceed 28 days after the filaments are extracted. The picked tender corn should be processed in time to prevent rain and exposure, and avoid mechanical damage as much as possible. Sweet corn should be stored in a ventilated and cool place for a short time, and must not be piled up. Generally, the period from picking to processing should be controlled within 5 days, and it is advocated to process while picking. Based on the technology of early filter material preparation

2 Peeling and inspection: manually peel and remove the corn whiskers. According to the product standard, remove the abnormal, short and other unprocessable ears, and pick out the green sticks with inappropriate maturity, serious threshing, shrinkage and pests

3. Soaking and cleaning: soak the corn cob in 2% salt water for 20-25 minutes. Change the salt water every 4000 ears. Rinse the soaked corn cobs in clean water for 5 minutes

4. Blanching: This is the most critical process. Blanching has four functions: one is to inactivate the enzyme in the tender stick and prevent the nutrition in the tender stick from being destroyed. Second, kill microorganisms and insect eggs attached to the surface of the ear to ensure food safety. Third, eliminate the air in tender corn, reduce the pressure of ice crystal formation during freezing, and correspondingly reduce the oxidation degree of raw materials, so as to maintain the color and nutrition of products. Fourth, prevent the product from aging, scalding and changing the taste. Using hot steam blanching process, the control temperature is 95-105 ℃, and the time is 10-15 minutes

5. Cooling: the blanched tender stick should be cooled immediately to ensure the color of the product. In order to save water, sectional cooling method can be adopted, but the central temperature of the tender rod in the terminal cooling pool should be controlled at 10 ℃

6. Draining: the tender stick must be drained before quick freezing, otherwise it will freeze into ice, which is not beautiful, not easy to package, and consumes much power. It can be drained with equipment or naturally. The method is to put the tender corn cob on the drawer and drain for about 10 minutes for two different experimental samples

7. Repair: according to the requirements of the enterprise standard, the filaments should be removed, and the head and tail should be cut off. The length of the processed corn cob should be strictly controlled at about 17, 14, 10 cm

8. Quick freezing: quick freezing is the decisive factor of product quality. The shorter the time of quick freezing, the better the product quality. Slow freezing or slow freezing, the product quality is poor. Quick freezing in the air-cooled freezing time of minus 35 ℃ rapidly reduces the central temperature of young corn cobs to below minus 18 ℃

9. Inspection and packaging: whether to establish and improve the comprehensive evaluation criteria and industry standards for plastic granulator equipment to inspect the appearance of young corn cobs, and whether they meet the requirements of quality standards. Put the qualified quick-frozen tender corn cobs into plastic bags, vacuum pack them, two ears in each bag, mark the production date on the seal, and pack them in boxes

10. Storage: put the quick-frozen tender corn cobs into the cold storage at minus 18 ℃. The retention period is 12 months

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