Tibetan paper, which is on the verge of extinction

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The endangered "Tibetan paper" has moved from tradition to modern

the glossy Beige Tibetan paper has turned into antique animal skin color paintings in the hands of craftsmen, exquisite and unique notebooks, colorful paper lanterns, and various religious patterns and scriptures painted on them, which are exquisite enough to be loved

with the innovation of Tibetan artisans, Tibetan paper, which was once on the verge of extinction, has moved from tradition to modernity, glowing with new vitality

it should also be considered whether the oil is too thin and dirty. The production of Tibetan paper has a history of more than 1300 years in Tibet. The main raw material is a poisonous weed called chamaejasme, which is called "Rijia" in Tibetan. It is also because of its toxicity that hidden paper is not afraid of being eaten by insects and rats, so it is easy to preserve. In the past, Tibetan paper was mainly used to make scriptures, government documents, archives and daily writing

however, the influx of modern industrial paper and computers has weakened the original writing function of Tibetan paper, and the Tibetan paper manufacturing industry in Tibet is shrinking day by day. Tibetan paper is in danger of being eliminated by the market

how to inherit the thousand year old national Tibetan paper handicraft and make the traditional Tibetan paper go to the market? These thoughts make Qiang BA Zunzhu with unique skills become the first person to eat crabs. Qiang BA Zunzhu is the factory director of the disabled welfare national handicraft complex in Chengguan District, Lhasa. For more than 10 years, he has gone to Ali, Shigatse, Gongbu and other places to learn from old folk artists and collect and sort out the production technology of Tibetan paper. By effectively combining traditional technology with modern new production technology, he has developed dozens of new varieties of Tibetan paper, such as leather paper, colored paper, printing paper, straw paper and so on, According to the performance of various paper products, more than 20 new varieties of leather paper painting crafts, umbrellas, sun hats, gift bags and so on have been manufactured

Qiang BA Zunzhu believes that the combination of traditional Tibetan paper 3. Tensile test motor: with modern technology, the scientific and technological content of products is increased. As long as the planning is proper, the starting point of operation is high, and the initial investment forms a certain scale, its market prospect will be very optimistic

the appendix "selection of insulation materials and thermal performance indicators of enclosure structure" of the "guidance" states:

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