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The principle of this method mainly depends on the respiration of the fruit itself to achieve deoxygenation, increase the concentration of carbon dioxide, and use the permeability of the plastic film to the gas to change the gas composition of the storage environment, so as to achieve spontaneous climate control. Apples stored with this method for 3 ~ 6 months have a loss rate of no more than 5%. The bag is made of 0.04 ~ 0.07mm thick non-toxic PVC film. Other such products include soybean foam cushion. In high temperature areas or when there is a large amount of fruit stored in each bag, thinner plastic film should be used, otherwise thicker. The amount of fruit stored varies with the temperature of the storage environment: above 17 ℃, 7.5 ~ 10 kg/bag; 15 ~ 17 ℃, 10 ~ 12.5 kg/bag; 12 ~ 15 ℃, 12.5 ~ 15 kg/bag; Below 12 ℃, 15 ~ 17.5 kg/bag. Generally, when the fruit is 12.5 ~ 15kg, the specification of the bag is 45cm × 45 cm × 80 cm. When the storage quantity is large, plastic bags can be put into fruit boxes or fruit baskets for stacking storage

the production of this plastic bag is: the bottom and both sides of the plastic bag cut according to the specifications are heat sealed with a 300 Watt electric iron, heat sealing backing plate, and padding materials (thick son, etc.). When heat sealing, first align the two four sides of the small bag to be heat sealed, and then place the bottom edge and the two sides edges (about 1 cm) of the small bag on the backing plate respectively. Cover it with a layer of padding, and the plastic film and padding should be tightened, and then press and iron it on the padding with a hot electric iron (20 including chemical and wear resistance, low temperature impact and clarity 0 ~ 250 ℃). The edges of pressed bags are straight with white color. Put the fruit in the mouth of the bag

the fruits used for storage should be carefully selected. Do not use the fruits with insects, diseases, broken and injured as storage. Wu Kunyuan, chairman of Tongling Ambo circuit board Co., Ltd., said that after pre cooling, chemical agents should be used for sterilization and corrosion prevention, and warehouse utensils should be disinfected. During storage, pay attention to the following three aspects:

(1) temperature control. The fruit temperature from late November to early December is about 0 ℃, from the end of December to the end of February is 0 ~ - 1 ℃, and the fruit temperature in March is not more than 3 ℃, and in May is not more than 6 ℃

(2) in the first few days after the gas conditioning is put into storage, the gas composition in the bag changes greatly. If conditions permit, the gas can be measured 1 ~ 2 times a day (it is not necessary to measure every bag, and select several bags for inspection). After the gas composition in the bag is stable, it can be measured once every 7 days. It will be tested once every 15 days after December. After the storage temperature rises in the second year, the number of gas measurements should be appropriately increased. The stable components of the gas in the bag vary according to the variety: Guoguang, oxygen 3%, carbon dioxide 12%; Red stars, oxygen 2%, carbon dioxide 14%. When the oxygen in the bag is lower than the stability index, measures such as cooling, loosening the bag mouth, and even opening the bag should be taken to adjust

(3) regularly check the small bags in the front, middle, rear, upper, middle and lower parts of the warehouse. After a period of time, the bags should be opened regularly to check the fruit quality, and any problems found should be dealt with in time. Generally, it will not turn over during storage

when the fruit hardness of varieties such as Guoguang decreases to 5.4 kg/cm2, and that of Red Star varieties is 4.5 kg/cm2, they should be unpacked and sold in time. (3) in combination with public opinions, when the temperature in the warehouse is higher than 6 ℃, it should be sold out of the warehouse to avoid decay. The apple fruit can be stored until May to June of the next year, and the general bag storage can only be stored until the Spring Festival

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