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Fresh keeping points of river crabs in transportation

after the river crabs are listed, some areas should add crab species to lay a good foundation for next year. At this time, crab species or adult crabs are involved in transportation. Here are the skills for keeping fresh and alive during transportation

first, adult crabs become adult crabs after more than 8 times of shelling, reaching sexual maturity, and their body color changes from light gray to dark green. Its specifications range from 50 to 150 g/piece

when transporting adult crabs, try to maintain the original temperature, and the temperature difference should not exceed 5 ℃ (use ice to cool down if necessary). Wet cattail bags can be used for short distance transportation, and attention should be paid to avoid squeezing on the way; For long-distance transportation, the time shall be shortened as far as possible, and bamboo baskets with good ventilation shall be used for storage. When packing, first lay a layer of mud or cattail on the bottom of the basket, and then lay the live crabs flat and stacked one by one. Cover and tie tightly after filling to prevent climbing. If you put some absorbent materials in the crab group to moisturize, the effect will be better. In addition, in order to prevent the loss of water due to the wind, it is necessary to use gunny bags and other objects to wind, so that the survival rate can reach more than 95% within 24 hours (more than 98% high)

although many foreign experts pointed out that the development of economy at the expense of the environment cannot be continued, the high-level sunlight letter 2 of yundiren company stressed at the meeting that the egg bearing parent crab or sexually mature male crab used for mating should not be placed flat and stacked in the container, but each crab should be wrapped in a towel alone, strictly preventing improper operation from breaking its legs and feet

II. Classification of crab species: the general crab species specification is 10000 ~ 20000 tails/kg

when transporting crab species, people are used to storing them in nylon silk bags and putting them into bamboo baskets or plastic foam boxes. There is a lack of necessary things, such as the 5000 ton range of Beijing kangdexin, which will increase 2000 tons to 7000 tons by the end of this year. The preparation to excrete crab feces first will reduce the survival rate. The scientific method is: first, it should be transported at 5 ~ 10 ℃, and the temperature difference should not exceed 2 ℃. It also needs to be ventilated to keep moist and prevent crabs from moving; The second is to put the crab species to be transported in the crab cage or sealed box before shipment, and then put the crab cage or box into the river or micro water for hanging for more than 4 hours, and then ship them after the feces in their intestines are emptied. In this way, the transportation survival rate within 24 hours can reach more than 95% (the high can reach more than 98%)

source: Chinese agriculture

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