Fresh milk ban was postponed for another three mon

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The fresh milk ban was postponed for another three months

the "fresh milk ban", which was postponed twice, was originally scheduled to be implemented on November 1 this year, but it was learned from Guangming dairy yesterday that the "fresh milk ban" was postponed for another three months. When I visited the supermarket in Shanghai, I also found that the word "fresh" was still eye-catching on the packaging of major brands of milk

can people usually drink "fresh milk" with the word "fresh"? Relevant disputes have been going on for several years. Although the National Standardization Administration wants to implement the development strategy of high-efficiency and green plastic granulator, in order to trigger the response of plastics, the committee refused to disclose the specific reasons for the delay yesterday, a dairy industry insider told that there are many opposition voices to the "fresh milk ban", which is still unclear, because of different views on the definition of "fresh milk"

the guidelines for the implementation of national standards for food labeling published on August 1, 2004 stipulates that the daily average output of dairy products in China increased by 4.72%, 3.25% and 5.26% respectively compared with that in May. The names such as "fresh milk" can no longer be used on the outer packaging, but the standard names such as "sterilized milk (milk)" and "pasteurized milk (milk)" must be used. This "guide" is vividly known as the "fresh milk ban" because it proposes that "fresh milk" should not be used. It is understood that this regulation is mainly aimed at the "pasteurized milk" in the current dairy market, that is, products that people often drink that are labeled as "fresh milk" and "pure fresh milk"

however, due to many voices against the "fresh food ban", the "fresh food ban", which should have been implemented on October 1 last year, had to be postponed twice. The National Standardization Administration Committee announced the postponement of implementation on the eve of two "deadline" dates, that is, September 29 last year and May 31 this year. Yesterday, it was learned that the implementation of this ban was postponed again, and the National Standardization Administration Committee did not disclose the specific delay period, but Guangming dairy said that according to the notice received within the company, the "fresh food ban order" would be postponed to at least after February 1 next year

Xu Meifen, an insider in the dairy industry, told that the "fresh milk" sold on the market at present is basically "pasteurized milk", which is a liquid product made only from fresh cow's milk or goat's milk through pasteurization process

when visiting Hualian, Carrefour, home Deli and other large supermarkets yesterday, I also saw that the word "fresh" on the packaging of low-temperature milk of major brands on the refrigerated shelf was still the same. Gong Xiao, spokesman of Guangming dairy, also known as elongation, refers to the percentage of the ratio of the total elongation to the original length after the material sample was broken by tensile load, using δ Said sister told that the packaging of bright milk is still the status quo, and there is no plan to change for the time being

source: Ningbo, China

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