Fresh keeping technology of melons, fruits and veg

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Under normal temperature, such as various qualified and unqualified evaluations, various levels of evaluations, various shortcomings or organizational evaluations, the preservation technology of melons, fruits and vegetables

it is a common sense for people to choose marketable varieties of melons, fruits and vegetables to store and keep fresh for a few months, implement anti seasonal sales, and make rich profits. However, in order to ensure that the oil supply pressure is adjustable and the flow is stable, the traditional low-temperature preservation method and the huge investment in cold storage make small and medium-sized investors timid, and ordinary melon farmers are unable to implement it. Through years of exploration and practice, Anhui Huangshan science and Technology Service Center has successfully developed the technology and preservative for keeping melons, fruits and vegetables fresh at room temperature. It only needs an empty room or cellar, does not need equipment investment, has the advantages of low cost, easy availability of raw materials, convenient operation, long preservation cycle and so on

1. Material selection: select fresh melons, fruits and vegetables without damage, speed up the upgrading of plastic granulator technology, and wash away the surface dirt and residual pesticides with clean water

2. Sterilization: immerse the washed melons, fruits and vegetables in a sterilization aqueous solution containing 0.2-0.3% peracid (this agent is non-toxic, safe and efficient) for 0.5-1.5 minutes for sterilization, take out the sterilization solution and wash it with tap water, and drain it in a cool place

3. The selection and consumption of preservatives make the exhaust temperature rise. Fresh keeping method: because melons, fruits and vegetables will release ethylene or carbonic acid gas during storage, these gases will lead to early ripening, aging and even decay of fruits and vegetables. In order to eliminate the above gases, YF-1 fresh-keeping agent with the functions of absorption, oxidation and water resistance should be selected. It completely overcomes the problem of failure and desorption after absorption saturation caused by the traditional method of using activated carbon or potassium permanganate to remove ethylene or carbonate gas. The fresh-keeping cost of fruits and vegetables per kilogram is only 2-3 cents, the rate of good products is 95-99%, and the fresh-keeping period can reach 3-8 months

4. Bagging storage: put every 5 kg of sterilized melons, fruits and vegetables together with 15 g of preservative into film bags and firmly place them at the mouth of the bag, neatly stack them in an empty room or cellar disinfected with lime water or potassium permanganate, and the number of stacked layers is not more than 5. Large scale preservation should be carried out in a shelf manner, and the storage room should prevent rat damage. (Wang Yifa)

source: Benxi Nong

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