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Preservation methods of export Coprinus comatus

harvesting and grading. The suitable harvest period of Coprinus comatus for export preservation is the mushroom bud period, that is, the cap is tightly wrapped with the stalk, and the mushroom ring is not loose. Generally, customers choose ordinary electronic Wanqi. The warranty period is generally 6 years. It is good to harvest when the mushroom is just loose and mature. The harvesting height of extra large Coprinus comatus is cm, and that of ordinary varieties is cm. When harvesting, they should be placed separately according to the size of Coprinus comatus, handled gently to ensure the integrity of the mushroom body, and the mushroom feet should be cut neatly with a stainless steel knife, which is beneficial to the healthy, clean and civilized production of workers. It is required to be free of soil, impurities and damage, and the water content of mushroom is less than 90%

dehydration and dehumidification. The export fresh-keeping Coprinus comatus is divided into air transportation and sea transportation. The water content of the mushroom should be below 90%; The water content of marine mushrooms is required to be 65%-70%, and the surface of mushrooms cannot be wrinkled due to water loss. In order to make the water content of Coprinus comatus meet the export requirements, the mushroom body needs to be dehydrated and dehumidified. The methods are as follows: 1 Cold air dehydration method: spread out the coprinus comatus and blow it with a cold fan to review the relevant standards of plastic mechanical property inspection, so that the fresh Coprinus comatus loses water until the water content reaches the standard. 2. Drying dehydration method: first spread out the fresh Coprinus comatus to dry, touch it a little dry, and then bake it with a baking machine to make its water content meet the requirements of marine fresh mushrooms. Do not bake it too dry. 3. Low temperature drying dehydration method: add a dehumidifier in the high-temperature warehouse to reduce the humidity in the warehouse, and then turn on the fan of the refrigerator to dry the coprinus comatus at low temperature until the water content reaches the standard

packaging is divided into boxes. Put the fresh Coprinus comatus with water content up to standard into plastic tray boxes according to the size of the mushroom body, with a net weight of 500 grams per box, seal the box mouth, and put it into refrigerated cartons, with 10 or 20 boxes per box. You can also use simple packaging, that is, use fresh-keeping bags to contain each bag of Coprinus comatus 5 kg or 10 kg, remove the air in the bag, and tie the mouth of the bag tightly. Put it into the foam box, put a carton outside the foam box, and seal the box mouth

transport for export. The packed Coprinus comatus should be timely organized for export transportation or export. Packaged mushrooms that cannot be transferred in time should be placed in the cold storage or in a low temperature environment of about 0 ℃. Generally, the storage time should not exceed 3 days, otherwise the color of the mushroom body will become darker, the incision of the mushroom handle will be blackened, and the quality will decline, which will affect the sales

source: Jiangsu Science and Technology News

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