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Fresh fruits and vegetables fresh-keeping principle of modified atmosphere packaging

after fresh fruits and vegetables are packed with plastic film, the respiratory activities of fruits and vegetables consume oxygen and produce about the same amount of carbon dioxide, gradually forming a gas concentration difference between the packaging and the atmospheric environment. The oxygen in the atmosphere penetrates through the plastic film to supplement the oxygen consumed by the respiration of fruits and vegetables; The excess carbon dioxide produced by the respiration of fruits and vegetables in the package seeps out of the plastic film and diffuses into the atmosphere. At the beginning, the gas concentration difference inside and outside the package is small, the oxygen infiltrated into the package is not enough to offset the consumed oxygen, and the exuded carbon dioxide is smaller than the generated carbon dioxide. With the increase of the gas concentration difference inside and outside the package during storage, the gas penetration rate accelerates, but the oxygen consumption rate of the new power line zigzag experimental machine technology in the package is equal to the oxygen penetration rate, and the carbon dioxide production rate is equal to the seepage rate. The gas in the package reaches a gas equilibrium concentration of low oxygen and high carbon dioxide (relative to air). If the gas balance concentration in the package makes the fruits and vegetables produce aerobic respiration that can only maintain the minimum energy required for life activities, at this time, the fruits and vegetables are placed in the best controlled atmosphere storage environment, so as to delay ripening and achieve the purpose of fresh preservation

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