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In the "Internet +" era, industrial control systems are facing new challenges

in the Internet + era, information technology represented by mobile Internet, IOT, cloud computing and big data is promoting a new round of global technological revolution as well as a new round of industrial revolution. At the same time, the industrial control system is undergoing an unprecedented transformation and transformation. It uses information technology to strengthen the integration and interconnection between systems and realize the development of deep networking, intelligence and integration, so as to change the traditional production mode and improve the management level and production efficiency. Under the tide of this change, industrial control system needs to meet the challenge with new development ideas

Internet + wave is sweeping

(I) Internet + has triggered great integration and changes in many industries

Internet + is a new economic form, which deeply integrates Internet technology, achievements and thinking into all fields of traditional economy and society to reduce costs, improve benefits and stimulate the innovation and vitality of the real economy. With the rapid development of network and information technology applications, the era of "Internet + has quietly come. The combination of Internet and other information technologies with traditional fields has derived a variety of new types of industries based on Internet, such as Internet finance, industrial Internet, e-commerce, smart city and so on. Cross border, integration and transformation have become an important trend in the Internet + era. Internet + contains huge opportunities for industrial and social change, and will reconstruct a new model for future economic development

(II) interconnection + industry has become the general trend

with the rapid development of IOT, industrial big data and other technologies, the industrial production system is becoming more and more complex, the integration is becoming higher and higher, the network connection is becoming wider and wider, the networking and intelligent characteristics of industrial production are becoming more and more obvious, and the interconnection has become an irreversible trend of multi-material composite and industrial integration development. German industry 4.0 and American industrial interconnection are both actions to drive the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, build core competitiveness and seize the commanding heights in the future. China is no exception. With the release of the made in China 2025 plan and the implementation of a series of relevant supporting measures, China's industrial interconnection will also usher in rapid development. It is estimated that the development of China's industrial interconnection will bring about at least US $3trillion in GDP growth in the next 20 years. Industrial interconnection has become an important way for China to seize the opportunity of industrial transformation, realize industrial transformation and upgrading and innovative development, and complete the historic leap from big to strong

(III) interconnection + open new demand for interconnection of industrial control systems

with the continuous penetration and spread of interconnection and the new generation of information technology, the industrial control system that occupies the brain position of industrial interconnection control will inevitably develop in the direction of interconnection + as well. The original relatively closed use environment of the industrial control system has been gradually broken, and the openness and interconnection are becoming stronger and stronger, making it possible for the industrial control system to cooperate with various business systems. The industrial equipment, people, information systems and data are more and more closely linked, and the system is integrated, the equipment is intelligent, the business is collaborative, the information is shared, and the decision-making needs are panoramic The whole process networking has become the development trend of industrial control system. According to the data obtained by search engines of interconnected industrial control systems such as shine and Shodan, hundreds of millions of industrial control systems must be disassembled and replaced with new ones that have been connected to the interconnection, including SCADA, PLC, RTU and the computers, servers, switches connected to them

interconnection + industrial control system faces the dual challenges of development and security

(I) innovation integration has become the bottleneck of the development of interconnection + industrial control system

interconnection + is not limited to a prefix of industrial control system. Simply connecting with interconnection cannot form a real interconnection + industrial control system. Only by realizing the innovation integration of 1+1> 2 can interconnection and industrial control system become inseparable Promote each other as an organic whole, thus bursting out new productive forces. However, this road of innovation and integration still faces many challenges

first, key technologies need to be broken through. This wave of integration has just begun. Can we use big data technology to achieve massive acquisition, accurate analysis and integrated feedback of industrial data, and improve the intelligent control of industrial control system with the advantages of high measurement accuracy and decision-making ability; Whether the seamless connection and remote equipment management and control among sensors, controllers and industrial equipment can be realized with the help of IOT to meet the interconnection requirements of distributed industrial control systems; Whether cloud computing technology can be used to build a cloud manufacturing platform to realize resource revitalization, on-demand access, cost reduction, collaborative manufacturing and even global sharing, and so on. There are many unimaginable or immature fusion technologies that need to be designed and implemented in a down-to-earth manner in order to achieve the perfect connection between Internet and industrial control systems

second, the ecological environment has not been established. The characteristics of cross domain and cross industry application of industrial control system under "interconnection plus" will be more prominent. In line with the trend of "interconnection plus" breaking down system isolation, information islands and industrial barriers, we will achieve innovation in models and changes in concepts, strengthen collaborative innovation in the industrial chain and the exchange and sharing of production information, and complete the integration of the whole process from product design to manufacturing and marketing, Building a complete ecosystem covering all subjects in the entire industrial chain is the key to promoting the rapid development of Internet + industrial control system express, said Gerry Boyce, managing director of the company. It is also an urgent problem in front of us

third, there is a serious lack of cross-border standards. With the introduction of information technology, industrial control system has become more intelligent, transparent, open and interconnected from the traditional independence and closure. However, without a large number of unified technical standards, service standards, management standards and security standards, it is difficult to achieve system compatibility, data sharing, information security and interconnection. Germany puts forward that standards should be given priority to the implementation of industry 4.0. It believes that standards are an inherent requirement for the integrated development of information technology and industrial technology. It has established a cross industry and cross field standardization working group, formulated the road map for Industry 4.0 standardization, made a series of forward-looking arrangements in terms of standards, and focused on the formulation of urgently needed standards such as cross-border terms and reference models. Therefore, the problem of inconsistent standards in the process of industrial control system integration, interconnection, integration and upgrading needs to be solved urgently in order to seize the standard commanding height of global competition

(II) Internet + industrial control system security threat is comprehensively upgraded

Internet + can bring great creativity and productivity to the industrial control system, but it will also introduce more complex and severe security problems

first, deep networking and multi-level interconnection increase attack paths. Industrial control systems, management systems and supply chain systems have realized interconnection, interworking and interoperability. More and more industrial control systems can be accessed directly or indirectly through interconnection and mobile interconnection. The two-way information exchange between management and production control will become the norm. The gradual deepening of the interconnection trend has continuously moved the control authority of industrial production upward, including the production side, R & D side, management side The consumer can attack the industrial control system, greatly increasing the attack point, attack surface and trust network boundary, resulting in greater security risk and wider coverage

second, the introduction of traditional IT products has brought more security vulnerabilities. In order to adapt to the trend of industrial interconnection, industrial control system manufacturers are increasingly using common operating systems, databases, servers, etc., so that third-party manufacturers can produce compatible accessories. These common and open technologies and products have well-known holes, enabling attackers to exploit existing vulnerabilities to achieve intrusion attacks, The earthquake virus targeted at Iran's nuclear power plant has made use of multiple vulnerabilities of Microsoft Windows operating system to achieve continuous transmission between engineer stations and operating stations

third, the protection system of emerging information technology in the field of industrial control is not yet mature. The applications of IOT, cloud computing, big data and mobile Internet in industrial control systems have also brought security problems such as sensitive data storage. However, the security theory and protection system of these emerging information technologies in the field of industrial control are not mature, and the security protection means are insufficient, which may be vulnerable to network attacks

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