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From huanglianguan Town, Xichang City, Liangshan Prefecture, Sichuan Province, to the south along the Beijing Kunming expressway, more than 200 wind turbines stand on both sides of the road, and the impellers on the 100 meter high tower slowly rotate, dotted with the beautiful scenery of the Anning River Valley

Liangshan Prefecture is the first ten million kilowatt wind power base in Southwest China approved by the national energy administration. It is not only rich in resources, but also has initially formed a complete industrial chain integrating wind power development, equipment manufacturing and operation and maintenance services. In 2015, as China's leading power generation equipment enterprise Dongfang Electric set up a plant in Dechang County, Liangshan Prefecture, relevant supporting enterprises settled in succession to form industrial clusters, which strongly promoted the industrial transformation and upgrading of Liangshan and laid a solid foundation for Daliang Mountain, which is deeply troubled by poverty

Mali Town, Dechang County, Liangshan Prefecture, was originally a typical agricultural town, but now it has become the "first town" for wind power development in Sichuan. In 2010, the construction of the first phase demonstration project of Dechang Anning River Gorge wind farm started here, marking the beginning of the development of the first ten million kilowatt wind power base in Southwest China

in recent years, relying on its own resource advantages, Inner Mongolia has accelerated the transformation and upgrading of coal bases, successively completed a number of major resource transformation projects, such as Jiutai coal chemical industry, Shenhua coal direct liquefaction, Yitai Coal indirect liquefaction, etc., and realized the clean and efficient utilization and value-added transformation of coal resources. The increasingly perfect scale of modern coal energy and chemical integration emerging industry ranks in the forefront of the country. The picture shows the long-term fatigue test in Zhungeer banner, Ordos City, Inner Mongolia, which is widely used in the coal chemical production area of Thailand energy Inner Mongolia Co., Ltd. in aerospace, automobile, shipbuilding, metallurgy, construction and other industries. (photographed by Chen Bin)

"at that time, domestic wind power development was mainly concentrated in the 'Three North' area. The average wind speed here in Liangshan was only more than 6 meters per second. It can only be said that it basically had exploitable value, but peers were not optimistic." Chenzhi, deputy general manager of Dechang Wind Power Development Co., Ltd., tells us whether the furniture is strong and durable. In order to increase the power generation, the company has carried out technical research with the design unit and the host manufacturer to increase the sweeping area by increasing the blade length. At that time, the domestic mainstream impeller diameter was still 77 meters and 87 meters, and Dechang wind power phase I adopted the impeller with a diameter of 93 meters; By the time of phase IV and phase V projects, the 121 meter diameter impeller of Dongfang Electric wind power company has been adopted

by March, 2016, Dechang Anning Hexia valley wind farm had been built into phase V, with a total installed capacity of 202000 kW, a design annual power generation of 384million kWh and an annual sales revenue of 234million yuan

at the same time, with the "wind abandonment" problem becoming more and more prominent in the "Three North" region, the main areas of wind power development began to shift from north to south, low wind speed and long blades began to attract industry attention, and Liangshan wind power development entered the "fast lane"

at present, 1.236 million kw of wind power has been put into operation in Liangshan Prefecture, and about 2.4 million kw of projects under construction and to be built, but the development space is still huge. According to the wind power base planning of Liangshan Prefecture approved by the National Energy Administration in 2015, there are 121 planned sites in Liangshan Prefecture with an installed capacity of 10.486 million KW. At the same time, the Jinsha River and Yalong River water scenery complementary bases have also been included in the national 13th five year plan for renewable energy development, and about 10million kW of wind power installed capacity will be added

going out of Sichuan to Yunnan and radiating into the southwest China

due to the promising development potential of Liangshan wind power, Dongfang Electric set up a base in Dechang industrial concentration area in 2015 to carry out the R & D, production, sales, operation and maintenance services of wind power hosts and blades. Since the first negotiation with the Liangshan State Party committee and the Liangshan state government in may2015, the products were rolled out at the end of that year. Dongfang Electric Wind Power (Liangshan) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Dongfang wind power Liangshan company") has landed at an amazing speed. At present, it has formed an annual capacity of 1million kW for wind power host and blades, and achieved an output value of 1.03 billion yuan last year. Hai Lianhu, a member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Dechang County Committee, said that this accounted for about 1/5 of the local total industrial output value introduced by on-site experts

"since the trial production in november2015, we have been running around without much rest." Zhourulin, general manager of Dongfang wind power Liangshan company, told us that the main purpose of choosing Liangshan to build the plant is to get close to the development market and solve the problems of high transportation difficulty, high cargo damage, high cost and long delivery cycle in southwest mountainous areas. In the past, due to the special landform and climatic conditions in Liangshan, large pieces of equipment such as leaves that were not recruited to patients were difficult to transport for three months a year

Dongfang Electric Wind Power Co., Ltd. has also carried out systematic and special research and development to make the fans and blades more in line with the local environment in view of the characteristics of high altitude, low wind speed, high turbulence and cold wind resources in the southwest mountains

at the same time, Dongfang Electric also assisted Dechang in introducing supporting enterprises for the production of glass fiber cloth, engine room covers and towers into the industrial concentration area of Dechang, forming a relatively complete wind power equipment manufacturing industry chain here, improving the competitiveness of the manufacturing base, and forming a market pattern of "going out of Sichuan to Yunnan and radiating to the southwest"

Zhou Rulin said that in the future, Dongfang wind power Liangshan company will also aim at the "the Belt and Road" and layout the Southeast Asian market

the comprehensive benefits of green industry highlight

Zhou Qili, who lives in Fenghuang village, Dezhou Town, Dechang County, has been working as a quality inspector in Dongfang wind power Liangshan company for more than one year. After graduating from school in 2012, she originally stayed in Chengdu to find a job as a clerk, but her parents in her rural hometown were in poor health, and she always hoped to take care of them at home. The establishment of Dongfang wind power Liangshan company provided her with such an opportunity

according to Dongfang wind power Liangshan company, nearly half of the company's more than 400 employees are Liangshan natives. Together with other supporting enterprises in the industrial concentration area, about 300 local jobs have been created

"in Liangshan, solving one's employment often means solving one's family's poverty alleviation." Zhang Jun, deputy general manager of Dongfang wind power Liangshan company, said that the highest monthly income of the company's front-line production workers can reach nearly 7000 yuan

industrial poverty alleviation is not only reflected in employment and income, but also stimulates the local transportation, catering and other service industries. During the peak production period of Dongfang wind power Liangshan company, an average of 5 vehicles a day sent production materials from other places, driving the local large cargo transportation enterprises in Dechang

at the same time, as the first equipment manufacturing base in Liangshan Prefecture, the wind power industry also promotes the transformation of Liangshan from a traditional resource development industry to a modern manufacturing industry. With the wind power development becoming more and more mature, Liangshan Prefecture has planned to establish a wind power operation and maintenance company relying on equipment enterprises, power enterprises and local platforms to develop the post wind power market

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