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The industrial view and market view of Packaging Design III

the packaging design education industry actively accepts the challenge of WTO entry

1. establishing the industrial view and market view of packaging design education

close to industry, close to practice, close to science and technology and close to the market is a major feature of packaging design education. Due to the weak foundation of packaging design education in China, the scale of packaging design education is still in the process of forming, and in the existing education management system, most of the packaging design professional courses are on paper, which can not be directly combined with the packaging design practice, and can not meet the needs of integrating China's packaging design with the world after China's entry into WTO; Design colleges and universities can not enter the packaging design market by directly participating in bidding, which makes it difficult to combine industry, University and research in packaging design education. Some foreign design colleges and universities have reached tens of billions or even hundreds of billions of dollars in industrial service assets, with strong design service development, management and competitiveness. After China's entry into WTO, in the face of powerful competitors in the field of packaging design and packaging design education abroad, it has become an urgent problem to promote the adjustment and upgrading of packaging design education structure through institutional innovation and technological innovation

2. establish an open industry university research structure of packaging design education

"industry university research" is an open teaching mode combining teaching, scientific research and production practice in Colleges and universities in the new era, and a concrete embodiment of the implementation of the educational policy of "education must be combined with production labor". Universities should become a powerful new force for rejuvenating the country through science and education. First class universities should "We should strive for theoretical innovation, institutional innovation and scientific and technological innovation. In particular, we should focus on the source innovation of science and technology, and promote the acceleration of the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into real productive forces. On the one hand, school enterprise cooperative education can give full play to the respective advantages of schools and enterprises, not only adapt to the new situation of the rapid development of commodity economy, but also cultivate marketable applied talents urgently needed by the society. On the other hand, it has strengthened the direct contact between schools and enterprises It has won support from all sectors of society and achieved remarkable results in running schools

3. build a highland for training packaging design and management talents

the packaging design industry is the product of the combination of high technology and high culture, which has very high requirements for the cultural quality and ability structure of the management and management personnel of the packaging design industry. After China's accession to the WTO, overseas accessible design industry institutions will compete to compete in China's packaging design market. The requirements of talent localization will inevitably lead to a battle for talent. Brain drain means more serious anemia for China's packaging design industry, which has insufficient talent preparation. Today, with the increasing globalization of information and economy, the successful packaging design comes from the high-level management process. This concept has been widely valued by today's society. Design management is considered as a required course for modern packaging designers. The introduction of case studies of packaging design and the study of future packaging design in the new global digital environment are compulsory courses for future packaging designers. Relying on the existing strength and resource advantages of colleges and universities, packaging design industry and academia, the training of senior professionals in design management and packaging design industry is included in the development planning of higher design education, and in the master's education system of art design packaging design art, so as to form a training highland of packaging design management talent resources from undergraduate to graduate education

IV. innovative mode of market-oriented operation of packaging design incubator

1. concept and significance of packaging design incubator

packaging design incubator is a high-tech entrepreneurship service center related to the packaging design industry, which refers to a centralized space that can provide working space, services and preferential policies to support enterprises at the beginning of the establishment of packaging design enterprises and the training of packaging design talents, We will promote cooperation and exchanges and gradually put them on the path of development

the significance of the "entrepreneurial park" we want to create is to cultivate and create an incubator for the packaging design technology market, and cultivate a mode of separation between professional packaging designers and packaging design managers. This is different from the traditional packaging design companies and design colleges. In the past, the packaging designers laid eggs and hatched their packaging design achievements. Packaging designers are usually very good at packaging design, but they do not do the planning and marketing. Adding corresponding experimental fixtures can complete more experiments

the packaging design park will give full play to the advantages of colleges and universities as the support and strong innovation ability in packaging design, always put the transformation of packaging design achievements, incubation of packaging design enterprises and training of packaging design talents in the first place, further strengthen the construction of public service conditions, especially the emerging professional incubator of packaging design, constantly strengthen the service capacity and improve the service quality, Strive to cultivate and transport more packaging design scientific and technological innovation talents and packaging design entrepreneurs for the society. It is necessary to further establish and improve the enterprise oriented operation mechanism, improve the market-oriented operation ability, actively use various stock assets and social funds to build the service conditions for packaging design entrepreneurship, strive to promote the combination of packaging design talents, technology, management, capital and other essential resources through efficient services, and realize the benign development of the entrepreneurship Park while serving the society. We should set an example in the implementation of policies, fully respect the creativity of entrepreneurial technicians, managers and service personnel, correctly handle various interest distribution relationships, actively explore new distribution mechanisms and forms, and mobilize the enthusiasm of all types of innovation and entrepreneurship personnel. We should persist in opening the park to the society and the world, form a good atmosphere that supports packaging design innovation, tolerates entrepreneurial failure, and encourages some teachers and students to get rich first through creative packaging design work, and strive to build the "entrepreneurial park" into a hot land for packaging design entrepreneurs

2. the experimental data made in the future due to the clearance of the screw rod is the development idea of the Pioneer Park

the pioneer park is an incubator for enterprises and industries that specialize in packaging design and have more regulations. Generally, it relies on the materials of the third-party authoritative organization with testing ability. It is in the development and evaluation stage. Its emergence conforms to the trend of Shanghai's economic development. As the pillar of Shanghai's development strategy, high-tech industry and cultural industry are intellectual innovation industries. Packaging design brand strategy and product innovation are the results of thinking. Using thinking to create economic value is the smartest way to do it. Packaging design is a big industry. According to incomplete statistics, there are nearly 5000 various design companies in Shanghai, with an annual packaging output value of hundreds of millions of yuan. However, these companies are small in scale, with scattered personnel and uneven professional level. How to standardize the industry and how to improve the quality of packaging design professionals is an urgent problem to be solved. The incubator acts according to the law of market economy, but it is not a market organization. It is a packaging designer. The packaging design enterprises enter the state of spontaneous organization according to the four self principles (self financing, free combination, independent operation and self financing). They can stay in the incubator or be attached to the outside. They can be small packaging design companies or individual packaging designers. The packaging design departments of large enterprises train on behalf, and the entrusted packaging design of small enterprises can adopt a variety of ways

there are two steps to establish the packaging design industrial park. The first step is to build the brand of Shanghai packaging design industrial park. From planning the theme of packaging design industry activities, from selecting representative packaging designers to planning related activities, we strive to achieve the first-class level and ensure the first-class academic and professional standards of packaging industry institutions and distribution centers. If we can do well in this step, when China's packaging design industrialization really comes, we can get more development opportunities, not only academic opportunities, but also commercial opportunities. The next thing to do is to select a group of excellent packaging designers as contracted packaging designers, provide them with financial support and site support, do all-round planning, packaging and sales, and provide them with the conditions to devote themselves to creating good works

the second step is to cultivate the packaging design market in an all-round way. What should be done in this step is a three-dimensional work, including running the "Shanghai packaging" publication, publishing relevant books, planning academic seminars, and even doing the popularization of packaging design, and undertaking some packaging design education. Only in this way can we maximize the value of packaging designers. This is because the formation of the packaging design market can not be achieved only by some professionals. The broader support comes from the public. Only when the packaging design level of the overwhelming majority of the public is improved can the commodity value of packaging design products be recognized and realized. One of my ideas is to let packaging design enter the community and combine it with community culture. The establishment of packaging design industrial park is also based on this purpose. Let elegant packaging design and market operation closely together. This will not only open up a self seeking direction for the survival and development of today's elegant packaging design, but also integrate the elegant packaging design into the people's life, live and develop with the people, so that the elegant packaging design has strong vitality. Because packaging design itself is derived from life

3. operation contents and methods of packaging design incubator

packaging design service is the central work of packaging design incubator. Commercial sales of packaging design is an auxiliary service project of the packaging design incubator. Packaging design research is the most important function of packaging design incubator

the original intention of my proposal to build this packaging designer Pioneer Park is to, on the one hand, make use of the advantages of teaching and scientific research in Colleges and universities and the talents of packaging designers to provide comprehensive and professional technical services for enterprises, promote high and new technologies to enterprises, assist enterprises in product development, and enhance their market competitiveness; On the one hand, it is necessary to attract packaging designers to form a network of excellent packaging designers, provide a market-oriented base for school teachers and students, and form a good academic atmosphere of learning for application

from the perspective of organizational form, in fact, this pioneer park is different from the packaging design studios of the college. At least the staff are from the school, and the pioneer park is also attached to the school, which is different from other fully market-oriented professional packaging design companies. Whether this will have an impact on directly serving the enterprise. There are also differences, but this difference is our advantage and does not affect our service to the enterprise. The pioneer park has not been separated from the management system of the college, so the pressure of both individuals and the management of the pioneer park is less than that of the fully market-oriented professional packaging design companies, because they have the survival problems of the company. In the future, each project will implement the system of specially assigned personnel, and everyone will cooperate on the basis of division of labor. Therefore, it is collective wisdom serving the enterprise. These conditions help us serve the enterprise more fully

I hope to make joint efforts with professional associations, relevant enterprises and businesses to share popularity, promote the "packaging design pioneer park", a packaging design business incubator, and make it a packaging design industry activity center in Shanghai, contributing to the economic and cultural development of Shanghai and the country

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