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The power of industrial computer in the case of agricultural UAV applying pesticides to rape just after the Spring Festival, rural areas all over the country have entered the busy spring festival agricultural production mode. For example, rape in many places is growing vigorously and the flowers are blooming. For some large farmers, spraying pesticides or fertilizing is not a small task. Therefore, many rural areas or agricultural enterprises choose to use plant protection UAVs for spray control, which is a bright color in agricultural production that we believe that carbon fiber composites 1 will play an important role in this field in rural areas in recent years

for agricultural production, fertilization and pesticide spraying, the adoption of plant protection UAV can effectively improve the spraying efficiency and pest control effect, save labor costs and avoid the excessive and excessive use of pesticides. According to relevant statistics, a UAV can at least replace personal workload. Moreover, it is conservatively estimated that pesticides can be saved by 15-35% and water can be saved by about 90%. In this way, on the premise of ensuring the effect of pesticide application, it also effectively avoids the adverse effects of pesticide pollution on the environment

in order to achieve accurate plant protection for UAV, it must be accurate, reliable and safe in flight control, spray and other links. Of course, in order to achieve such an effect, in addition to the highly reliable UAV body and rigorous and optimized algorithm, it also needs high-performance, highly reliable, highly stable and highly durable embedded industrial computer hardware to support its ground flight control platform

as a professional manufacturer engaged in the R & D and production of industrial control computers, North China industrial control has become the leading well-known industrial control computer brand in the industry through more than 20 years of unremitting efforts, with an ultra-high market share. It has the strength and quality control system to ensure the scientific and technological level and product quality of industrial computer products. Therefore, Huabei industrial control is the best choice for the control system hardware of a new environmental protection composite material man-machine ground flight control platform, which is made of agricultural plant protection materials and other materials after pretreatment

North China industrial control embedded industrial control computer has the absolute advantages in terms of firmness and durability, strong seismic and dynamic damage resistance, high reliability, strong performance and strong scalability. In addition, it also has a number of core technologies, such as fully isolated design, 1+1 data backup technology + innovative design of overall shock absorption, patented ice fin cooling fan free design, etc, It can create a strong and reliable industrial computer hardware for the back-end server equipment of the plant protection UAV and the UAV flight control platform. Solution: use a wrench to tighten the real fixing screw behind the oil pump

the use of agricultural UAVs and plant protection UAVs to carry out fertilization, pesticide spraying and other operations on farming due to the large, comprehensive and high-speed angle objects, can not only improve efficiency, reduce labor intensity, avoid pesticide poisoning, high temperature heatstroke and other phenomena, but also alleviate the problems of excessive use and waste of agricultural drugs and protect the environment. Therefore, UAV is of great value and prospect in agricultural production and rural areas. To this end, North China industrial control will continue to launch various high-quality industrial control computers to help the application and promotion of agricultural plant protection UAVs in the field of agriculture, rural areas and farmers

introduction to North China industrial control:

North China industrial control, a leader in the field of industrial control computers. Specialized in the industrial computer industry for more than 20 years, it has become a leading brand with great market influence and brand appeal at home and abroad through years of development. Because of concentration, it is professional. All along, North China industrial control has adhered to the dedicated attitude and professional spirit, with innovation as the driving force and quality as the lifeline, and created a series of high-quality and high-tech industrial computer products

at present, the main product series of North China industrial control include: Industrial CPU card, embedded industrial motherboard, embedded quasi system, industrial chassis, integrated workstation, industrial tablet computer (PPC), network security quasi system, disk array, passive backplane, industrial power supply and industrial computer accessories

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