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Sandvik Herui: the ultimate aesthetics in "cutting and polishing" Sandvik Herui: the ultimate aesthetics in "cutting and polishing" China Construction machinery information is like IKEA, Volvo and h m, which are well known to people. Swedish enterprises always win the favorable impression of the market with their images of creativity and design. As a brand-new member of the Nordic industrial giant Sandvik Group, Sandvik Herui's establishment has vividly demonstrated the Swedish culture's demanding for details and its desire for innovation and transcendence

maybe you have never heard of Sandvik Herui. However, when you approach it, you will find that its materials and technologies have penetrated almost every aspect of your life. With the continuous innovation of these materials and technologies, people's modern life has become more convenient and wonderful

whether it's a dazzling array of cans in convenience stores, women's hygiene products and baby diapers on supermarket shelves, solar panels indispensable to the utilization of new energy, or car tires everywhere in modern cities... The hard alloy and super hard materials provided by Sandvik Herui have virtually carved out the refinement and beauty of modern life

integration: beauty of polymerization

compared with the 150 year long history of Sandvik Group, Sandvik Herui, which was just established last year, is one of the youngest and most dynamic business units. Slow cooling is to reduce the internal stress of products. In the past two quarters, when it continued to develop strongly at a double-digit growth rate, its vigorous vitality brightened people's eyes. Looking back on the background of the establishment of Sandvik Herui, it is easy to see that it is the deep historical accumulation and the friction and collision with the market development needs that have created this vitality and made Herui a star in the field of hard and superhard materials

the predecessor of Sandvik Herui is two companies that belong to two different product areas: Sandvik Hard Materials and diamondinnovations

among them, Sandvik Hard Materials was established in the 1980s and is one of the largest suppliers of hard alloy in the world. Its hard materials play an important role in the fields of steel, aviation, aerospace, automobile, can making mold and sanitary products. Its leading hard alloy solution, the unclear boundary between leveling and insulation layer, can effectively prevent product deformation and fracture and maximize the wear resistance of products, Improve the corrosion and oxidation resistance of products; Diamondinnovations, the first company in the world to produce artificial diamonds, plays a decisive role in the field of superhard materials and was taken over by Sandvik Group in 2007. Since then, the two leading teams in their respective industry fields have made their own contributions to consolidating the strength of Sandvik in the field of materials

with the technological innovation and the continuous expansion of market demand, it is gradually found that the two teams have a group of common customers in the market, and their respective products - cemented carbide and superhard alloy represented by diamond can be combined in some fields. Of course, more importantly, the R & D team behind the two can also integrate and share resources. In this way, the idea of merging Sandvik Hard Materials and dia mondinnovations is ready

finally, this idea became a reality in july2013, and a new business unit integrated by two teams was officially established. It is named after Hyperion, the father of the sun, moon and dawn in Greek mythology, which endows its product line with strength, speed, high-tech and innovative spirit. Its Chinese name, Herui, expresses the beautiful vision of "a perfect combination of pearls and determination"

after the establishment of integration, Sandvik Herui pays more attention to market segmentation and serves customers in various industries with five business lines. Among them, metal cutting is mainly used in turning, milling, metal sawing, gear hob, reaming, drilling, etc; Mining, oil and natural gas mainly provide polycrystalline diamond composite chips, rotary drill teeth, picks, etc; Various processing line applications provide mold and technical support for tire manufacturing lines, cans manufacturing, etc; Wear resistant application, widely serving cutting-edge industries such as energy, automobile, aerospace, medical devices, etc; Powder and abrasive materials have long been well-known brands in the grinding, polishing, fine grinding and sawing markets

carving: the beauty of details

in the five business lines of Sandvik Herui, most products are not directly used for end users, but the most effective helpers of many machinery manufacturers (toolmakers). Of course, there is no lack of a small number of products for end users. No matter which link in the supply chain, Sandvik Herui's pursuit of quality and control of details can make people feel its exacting and dedication as "carving works of art"

Sandvik Herui has developed a new hyperiontm diamond micro powder and used this micro powder to prepare diamond grinding and polishing liquid in order to improve the fine grinding and polishing quality of advanced composite semiconductor materials (such as sapphire and silicon carbide)

as we all know, sapphire has been widely used in consumer electronics. This material has been used to protect smart cameras and home screen buttons (fingerprint identification). Because this material has super corrosion resistance and can resist various "torture" such as knife cutting. Especially after adding the fingerprint recognition function, such a material is nothing but a superior choice. In the process of making sapphire glass into these parts, fine grinding and polishing is a very key link, and the process is very exquisite, which determines the "success or failure" from the material to the finished product. The diamond grinding fluid provided by Sandvik Herui may affect the normal work of workers if there is too much noise, which perfectly meets the customer's demand for quick inspection with electronic sampling boxes in this market

the tool material for fine grinding and polishing sapphire is usually diamond grinding fluid. The abrasive fluid consists of diamond particles with sharp corners. In the process of fine grinding and polishing, it is these sharp corners that smooth the surface of sapphire. The particle composition of general grinding fluid is different in size and shape. It is not only easy to scratch sapphire, but also inefficient. Once the sharp corners of the particles are flattened during the grinding process, new grinding fluid must be added to continue the work. The diamond grinding fluid provided by Herui carries out special treatment on the shape of each particle, so that it has many small "tentacles" respectively. Compared with the single sharp angle on the general particles, these small "tentacles" not only reduce the scratch rate of the grinding object, but also make more "tentacles" more wear-resistant, greatly improving the use efficiency of the grinding fluid

"in the electronics industry, a tiny scratch on a precision instrument may lead to a whole piece of composite semiconductor materials (such as sapphire and silicon carbide) Can't be used, causing great losses to customers. Our diamond grinding fluid has been specially treated for such situations in application to help customers improve efficiency, reduce production costs and improve production efficiency, which is the added value we can provide. " Linzhuyin, sales director of Sandvik Herui in Greater China, said, "finally, the defective rate of customers in fine grinding and polishing is reduced, the use efficiency of grinding fluid is improved, and the cost is naturally optimized."

in China, there are many grinding fluid manufacturers. However, Herui focuses on serving customers who are committed to improving the process and pursuing higher quality products. Improve the quality from the subtle points, and help customers achieve their goals with more exquisite technology - Sandvik Herui is not only achieving the needs of customers, but also going further and further on the road to "world-class applied materials company"

Customization: beauty of excellence

in addition to demanding on technology and quality, Sandvik Herui also continues to bring more added value to customers pursuing excellence through customization

as the world's leading supplier of cemented carbide and superhard materials, many of the materials provided by Sandvik Herui to customers are based on the understanding of customers' needs, and the shapes required by customers are pressed in advance to reduce customers' processing time and production costs. In the wear-resistant application of Sandvik Herui, the tool for manufacturing false teeth is an example

nowadays, the medical industry has an increasing demand for dentures, and the demand for denture production equipment and processing tools is also growing. Although Sandvik Herui does not directly produce such processing tools, it provides the most critical components for the production of such tools. The shape of the blank is similar to a medical cotton stick model with a hole in the middle. The denture is produced in such a tool. In order to help tool makers and final denture manufacturers improve efficiency, Sandvik Herui specially improves welding performance according to different application coatings. Semi finished products with different shapes and coatings are made according to different applications and needs, and then handed over to the tool manufacturer to make the final denture processing tool. In this process, the consideration of device performance and demand, as well as the careful consideration of production materials, let customers see the irreplaceable value of Herui, and let customized products truly become the foundation to help customers move towards excellence

in addition, Sandvik Herui has also established a number of influential industry customers in the fields of mining, oil and natural gas. For example, in the technical application of downhole bits, Sandvik Herui has developed and improved with customers through a series of cooperation plans and in-depth exploration of customer needs. This customization of demand not only enables Sandvik Herui's materials and technologies to better meet customers' own needs, but also drives the needs of the whole industry with the help of customers' influence. In this way, in the process of growing and developing step by step, Herui has made continuous efforts to realize Sandvik's vision of "leading industry standards"

Innovation: the beauty of transcendence

carries a profound history, and the young Herui has not stopped the pace of innovation. This innovation is not only an innovation in research and development, but also an innovation in market development. In the dynamic Chinese market, a series of action plans focusing on innovation are also gradually unfolding

"Sandvik Herui has a good R & D team, constantly developing new products and providing different solutions according to customers' needs." Lin Zhuyin summarized the research and development work of the team. "We often think about which industries our products can be applied to in the future. For this, we have carried out some research and development to grasp the future trend, and on this basis, we have explored the process or patent research and development with some customers.

at present, the entire Sandvik Herui team has more than 550 active patents.

facing the potential Chinese market, on the one hand, Sandvik Herui has begun to open up A series of technology transfer plans have been launched, starting from the bottling production line of diamond grinding fluid, and some equipment has been gradually transferred to China, so as to better produce and R & D suitable for the local market

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