How to get out of the misunderstanding of decorati

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The air pollution in Wuhan was serious yesterday, with a rare haze. Haze weather does great harm to human body. In fact, the air pollution of home decoration can not be ignored. Many leukemia patients are caused by family pollution. So how can we place pollution from home decoration? Decoration pollution is not only to prevent and remove, but also to know the symptoms and misunderstandings of decoration pollution

decoration pollution symptoms:

1. When I get up every morning, I feel suffocating, nausea, and even dizzy

2. Family members are often prone to colds

3. Although he does not smoke and rarely contacts the smoking environment, he often feels uncomfortable in his throat, feels foreign body, and breathes freely

4. Children at home often cough, sneeze, and their immunity declines. Children in newly decorated houses are unwilling to go home




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